Coin collecting is one of those addictive hobbies that can quickly get out of control. While some people like to focus on a specific type of coin to collect, others like to collect as many different types of coins as they can. Whatever your preference might be, it can be frustrating to find the coins you are looking for to complete the collection you are working on. Consider a few of these methods to find new coins for your collection.

Join a local coin club

Local coin clubs are a great way to find new items for your collection. Not only do you get to network with new people who all enjoy the same hobby, you will likely learn new things about coin collecting in general. Swapping coins with local coin club members is also generally cheaper than finding them elsewhere. You won't have to pay for shipping and you will know exactly what you are buying.

Internet auctions

Whether you like it or not, the internet is a great source for locating new coins for your collection. EBay is the giant on the internet auction scene. Many coin enthusiasts use this site to both buy and sell coins. It can be intimidating to look for coins at an internet auction. To help guide you to reputable sellers, make sure you take advantage of EBay's rating system. Don't bid on an item that is for sale by a seller with a low rating.

Buying coins on EBay, or any internet auction site, is going to be a gamble. You certainly wouldn't want to buy particularly rare or valuable coins this way in order to protect yourself. Most often you will be happy with your purchase. If you aren't – contact the seller about a return. Reputable sellers are typically more than happy to accept returns in order to maintain their high ratings!

Coin Shows

Coin shows are wonderful opportunities to score new coins for your collection. The problem is that coin shows are frequently hard to come across. They are not advertised as heavily as other types of shows so it will be up to you to watch for them. If you have a big expo center nearby, or any type of place that would be likely to welcome a coin show, get a list of their upcoming events. If you see a coin show coming to your area in a few months, add it to your calendar so you don't forget about it!

Tip: Your local coin club will likely have this type of information readily available. One more reason to join!