It's time to provide a short little update on my current InfoBarrel experiment. I last wrote about IB last weekend after I had been a member on IB for approximately a couple weeks. Today I come to you having 26 days of experience on InfoBarrel and having written and published 74 articles on the site. In my 26 days I figured it was worth giving an update on what I feel to be one of the greatest benefits of having an account on InfoBarrel: the site is absolutely been amazing for sending backlinks around the web.

For me I've been sending dofollow backlinks with InfoBarrel to primarily two places: my eHow articles which I recently outlined in my post titled InfoBarrel For Residual Income and my blog posts as I just did. InfoBarrel's editorial guidelines state that you are allowed to have no more than two self-serving contextual links in the body of your articles. You are also allowed one more self-serving link in the bio line which is available to all of your articles. I naturally have been using this to my advantage as I've sent approximately three links per article (74) for a total of over 200 links back to my two main blogs and to my eHow articles.

I just learned however that InfoBarrel not only allows these contextual self-serving links but also allows unlimited (within reason) interlinking of other InfoBarrel articles regardless of authorship. What does this mean? This means that you can sit down and in thirty minutes have written one article which sends a quality, contextual, anchored backlink to three different articles which I own on different sites as well as to a handful of InfoBarrel articles that I have written.

I like to keep the linking to a middle ground and not link out to everything because I want to retain a lot of the link power. I want each link to count more and this is the case when there are fewer links on the page. The way that I strategize my linking within InfoBarrel is this. I pick about half of my articles to promote and use the other half of articles to backlink the first group.

In practice it goes like this. I have three articles on eHow which are on the topic of cell phones. I write four articles on cell phones on InfoBarrel and link each article to each of my three eHow articles. This means each eHow article has three anchored contextual backlinks pointing at it. I then choose two InfoBarrel articles which will be the promoters and link those two articles to the other two InfoBarrel articles giving two of my InfoBarrel articles two anchored backlinks.

As a result of this pattern I end up with two InfoBarrel articles on cell phones with no backlinks, two InfoBarrel articles on cell phones with two backlinks and three eHow articles with four backlinks a piece; two of which are coming from articles which are backlinked as well. In a sense I'm using InfoBarrel to strengthen my SERP rankings for all of my InfoBarrel articles and half of my InfoBarrel articles to strengthen the SERP rankings of the other half of my InfoBarrel articles.

All of this is to say that I've been busy writing and designing an effective backlinking strategy and have thus been very busy over the past month. So how has my efforts been rewarded you may ask. My eHow articles which are getting the links from InfoBarrel are all getting more page views than they were last month and my earnings per 1000 visitors to my eHow articles are at an all time high for me at around $10.25 per 1000 visitors.

On top of that my InfoBarrel articles are beginning to earn money on their own as well. The pace is slow but it is increasing nonetheless. In fact my earning per 1000 visitors are even higher at InfoBarrel than they are at eHow and I don't even have a single IB article which is a month old yet. The dollars are low thus far, I'm only pushing five dollars in 26 days on InfoBarrel but it is obvious that the potential to earn a lot here is high. Add in the ability to juice your eHow earnings or blog earnings while you make money with InfoBarrel and you are sitting in a nice position. Writing for InfoBarrel versus eHow is not a valid question. Writing for both is what you should be doing.

In the coming weeks and months I'm going to keep adding articles to InfoBarrel and continue tracking the InfoBarrel earnings I get from the site and report back with updates of this InfoBarrel experiment. For now I'll summarize my first 26 days in a couple sentences. I have written 74 articles for InfoBarrel in 26 days and made nearly five dollars with three of those dollars coming within the past seven days. I expect the earning to begin increasing dramatically as January closes in on us.

If you would like to learn more about InfoBarrel I suggest reading some of my other work on the topic on my article titled make money writing online with InfoBarrel or by checking out my many other articles as posted on my profile page. If you look through my articles you can easily begin to see how I link between articles on this site, my blogs, and eHow.

Remember, InfoBarrel is not going to make you rich quick. You are however going to effectively diversify your residual earnings online with InfoBarrel, support your other online articles which currently make money, and potentially contribute to a rich income stream as the site continues to get older and more trusted as an online presence. I'm 26 days into this InfoBarrel experiment and I am finding it to be well worth my time thus far. Check back in at the end of the month and I'll try to recap a first month experience on InfoBarrel and give you a basic set of expectations that you can rely on should you choose to join InfoBarrel for yourself. If you choose to do so now, I hope you'll allow me to refer you otherwise you can sign-up here without a referral link.