Hiring a nanny can be very helpful to a parent. Nannies can do a lot for your family which is great as it reduces a lot of stress that is put on you. There are many duties of a nanny that people expect, but not everything is done by every nanny. Many nannies will expect to have to do certain things but there are some duties that not every nanny is going to do. It is important that when you hire a nanny to care for your family that you sit down with the potential nanny to go through a list of job expectations to see if they are comfortable with the items on your list. You are also going to be looking at if the nanny will fit our family and your needs.

So what can you expect out of your nanny? Here are some common duties that you can expect a nanny to perform. Please remember that you should go over these duties with your potential nanny before hiring them so that they will know what is expected of them.

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While there are many common duties of a nanny the number one priority they will have is the care of the children. This is a big job as they need to be able to do whatever is needed to care for the children. Some common childcare duties for a nanny may include: 

Taking care of an infant. A nanny should be able to feed an infant, burp them, change a diaper, and put the baby to bed.


Preparing meals for the children.  This includes any meals that you are going to be gone for as well as snacks throughout the day.

Cleaning up any messes made.  This would include cleaning the children and cleaning any mess left after meals, etc.  Doing dishes would also be included in this. Cleaning up after the children is part of being a nanny.  This means making sure the bedrooms are clean and the play areas are kept clean.

Making sure the children get to their activities.  This means driving them to their activities, staying for their activities, and making sure they have everything needed for the activities. It is important that you make sure any nanny you hire has a good driving record so you can feel safer sending your kids in a vehicle with them.

Bathing smaller children and supervising the baths of older children.

Babysitters need to have experience with children.

Helping the children with their homework.  This doesn’t mean they tell them the answers rather they just help out explaining any questions the children may have. Younger children who don’t yet go to school should be read to as well.

Disciplining the children if need be.  This means following the rules of discipline set by the parents.

Most of these duties you can expect out of any nanny that you hire. A nanny is to care for all of the needs of your children whether you are at home or away at work. You will want to talk with a nanny before hiring them.  Make sure they have no problem with the methods of discipline you have in place.  You should also tell a nanny what you expect and see if they are willing to perform that duty.  Some people want their nannies to do all the housework.  Not all nannies will do it though.  Make sure your nanny is willing to do all housework before hiring them. 

Have fun with the kids you babysit.

A nanny takes on a lot of duties in your house so it is important that you find a nanny that will be a good fit for your family. Making sure to thoroughly interview a nanny will help you discover if the nanny will work out for your particular situation. Also be sure you explain the job expectations and duties so that you can be sure you are hiring someone who is willing to do all that you expect of them.