Have you just discovered you are expecting twins and feel overwhelmed?  We felt the same way when we discovered we were having twins.  Here are some things that we found useful which we hope might help you also.

If you are going to breast feed then a breast feeding pillow is a must have.  Not only will it help mum feed both bubs at once saving her time and sanity, but dad can also use it to feed the twins when they are having bottles.  It can also be used to just hold the twins when they are young and you are spending time with them so you don't need to be holding them constantly.

We'd also advise you get a good quality electric breast pump as it enables mum to get some well deserved rest while dad or the grandparents take care of feeding.  Using a manual pump to express for two babies will quickly give you sore wrists so the investment in a good quality pump is worthwhile.  It's also a good idea to have an emergency store of milk in the freezer so that if mum is not going to be around at feed time there will be food available for the twins.

We decided to spend a bit more than planned and bought a BOB Revolution Stroller which turned out to be an excellent decision.  Although it doesn't fold down as small as some prams, the maneuverablility and ease with which it travels over rough ground make up for this deficiency.  We still use it all the time now they are almost 2 yrs old, and there is plenty of room for our 4 yr old to sit on the front for a ride when he gets tired.  Whenever we go and stay away from home it's strong construction allows us to use it as a trolley to transport our things  between the car and room we are staying in.

The best practical tip we received was to feed both babies at the same time.  During the night when one twin wakes up wanting a feed, wake the other one up to be fed at the same time.  You feel mean doing it the first few times, but allowing mum to get a bit of extra sleep instead of feeding one then the other will quickly erase any mean feelings you may have.  This also puts the babies on the same routine which any parent will tell you routine makes for happier children and parents.

One thing to be prepared for when you first take your twins out is how much people stare at you and how many people want to talk to you about your twins.  We quickly learnt to just walk along, looking straight ahead without making eye contact with anyone so that we were able to get our tasks done quickly. 

The first few months will be tough but it does get easier.  Now our twins are almost 2 yrs old I'd actually say having twins at this age is easier than having a singleton at the same age as they quite happily play together and entertain themselves.  So although you are probably in shock having found out you are having twins, we guarantee you will have the time of your lives.