An Introduction to claiming expenses:
So your company has handed over a company expense credit card, or has recently initiated a new initiative or plan or scheme to allow employees to be able to claim money and dollars for certain expenses. But you're not too sure about how to go about it. On the etiquette involved, or things that you should keep an eye to watch out for. You're in luck regardless, just (but not blindly) follow the subsequent steps.

Here are the advice you would want to keep in mind as you go about your stuff!

1) Keep every single receipt;
and by single I mean every single one
Some receipts, unknown to you, might even fade away in time, even without wear or tear. It depends on the kind of ink used, some of them disappear really quickly. In those cases, make a photocopy or scan it into your computer as soon as possible. In my experience, it is usually those receipts that are in black chalky ink, which smudges easily, that this kind of fading happens the most. (and usually the quickest)

2) Fill up the forms with care
Be honest.
Match your calculated expense claims with that of the actual prices, and also the actual receipts. Try not to have kickbacks on the company account, or include too many personal items on your company expense sheet.
Don't make people think you are committing claims fraud, it can lead to unwanted and unnecessary trouble!

3) Check and rigorously follow the submission method
Without needing to be mentioned, different places, different companies, even if they are in the same industry, will have different ways of collation tabulation and submission, even if it is for the same sort of expense claim. Needless to say, since everywhere does different things, you'll need to be careful in knowing the requirements of your company.
Some like to do it electronically, others by pen and paper (manually) where you must fill in forms. Generally electronically is the most convenient, but you might have to either scan in or photocopy your receipts in to them. Although, if you have to do (1) anyway, it wouldn't make much of a difference. If by pen and paper, perhaps you must either hand deliver or fax it in, which is far less convenient, but in this one must suppose you will have to prepare to meet certain deadlines. As such you'll need advance planning as to when to submit.

If in doubt, you could check out the expense report formats in that link there, or if you've been making your own budget planning, you might want to consider sample expense reports

In conclusion, if your company or employer allow you to claim expenses, it means that they understand that some of the costs you undertake is actually in sacrifice for them. At this point, don't feel bad about claiming your just expenses from the company. But in return, don't commit expense fraud, and make sure your expense report claims are filled out and up in as much detail as is required. Don't abuse your business employer or company's trust in you! Go!