Having an omelet or a bowl of ice cream is good eating for most people.  There are some foods that taste so good, you would almost pay any price to have them.  Well, for those with an expensive palate there are some foods that only you could enjoy.  The price alone would make the average person scream, so here’s to those of you that love great food and would pay extreme amounts of money to enjoy them.

Zillion Dollar FrittataCredit: google imagesCredit: google images
  1.  The Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata-Would you like some toast with that Omelet?  Maybe not, at these prices.  For $1000, you can go to Norma’s in New York’s Le Parker Meridien Hotel and have this Omelet supreme.  Wrapped inside of a few delicious eggs are sevruga caviar and one whole lobster.  Now if you are like most people and cannot afford this devilish delight, but want to pretend to be like the wealthy; they offer a smaller version of this omelet for $100.  So go ahead and try it; you work hard, you deserve it.

SaffronCredit: google imagesCredit: google images

2.  Saffron-Need a little spice in your life?  Well look no further than this coveted spice.  Saffron is the most expense spice on the market today.  This spice goes for as much as $5000 per pound (can you say the “gold” of the spice world).  Now why does it command such a high price you may ask.  Well let's see, in order to get one pound of dried saffron you would need to harvest around 60,000 to 75,000  flowers.  In order to harvest that amount of flowers it takes 20 hours of labor and this must all be done by hand.  So the next time you complain about the rising cost of Season Salt, remember the price of Saffron.

Banana Split(111732)Credit: google imagesCredit: google images

3.  Gottlieb’s Banana Split-Hailing from “Three Twins Ice Cream”  this ice cream sundae  is actually a Banana Split made with of course three scoops of ice cream (organic), a banana (organic),and three rare wines; a vintage port wine from the 60’s, a Chateau d'Yquem and a German Trockenbeerenauslese.  This creamy fantasy will only cost you a mere $3,333.  You won’t feel too foolish after enjoying this treat with a cellist playing whatever you want to hear while you eat your Banana Split and a third of the money going to a local trust as a donation.  Great ice cream and a good cause; now that should make you feel better.

Hot Dog(111733)Credit: google imagesCredit: google images

4.  The Hot Dog-This hotdog from seller “Hot Dog Mike” is a quarter pound beef hot dog, with lobster tails on top and gold flakes.  By the way, did I forgot to mention that it contains saffron aioli (remember that from #2).  Well the price tag of this grand hot dog is $1501.  So for all the hot dog lovers out there; forego the vacation this year and just have a hot dog!

Pizza RoyaleCredit: google imagesCredit: google images

5.  The Pizza Royale 007-Domenico Crolla was a chef on a mission when he took pizza making to the next level.  The Pizza Royale 007 is not your everyday hamburger and pepperoni pizza.  True to its cost, the ingredients in this luxurious comfort food is lobster dipped in cognac, caviar soaked in champagne, venison medallions, smoked Scottish salmon, prosciutto, and gold flakes (24K) that you can eat.  You get all of this for the price of $4200.  Yes, this is actually how much an attorney from Italy paid for this pizza.

Well there you have it, some of your favorite foods at prices that you would probably never pay.  For those that like opulence, this list was made just for you.  So pull out your wallet and take your appetite along for the ride.  Surely, at those prices you would not dare be disappointed.