If you are searching for expensive silk ties, there are a few things that you have to consider. These expensive silk ties are a symbol of prestige and status. It allows a man to show their confidence, style and is also a symbol of maturity. They are worn by men as a regular office wear or formal wear together with a suit. While they may look as if they are easy to make, you may be surprised to find out that they have to go through a complex manufacturing process before getting to the final result. A lot of care and detail has to be put in making them because of their delicate material.

Expensive silk ties can be easily distinguished from cheaper ones because of their quality. A branded tie can cost up to $180 while a handmade one could cost you more money. Compare this with the cheap ones that you can get for below $10. That's a huge difference in price. So, you may be wondering "Why pay more for the same thing? Of course, the difference in price is compensated by the quality that you are getting. Once you put both of them side by side, you can immediately see the difference between them.

Expensive silk ties make a great father's day or birthday gift for a man because they are practical yet stylish. There are some men who even keep them as a collection. Research shows that almost 50% of tie buyers are women, who might be buying them for their husbands. That being said, most women do not know what to look for or are lost for choice when buying expensive silk ties. This article will show you some of the top designer brands to buy for your husband.

Top Designer Brands

Famous fashion labels often produce neckties as part of their clothing accessories. They are expensive and often made from 100% silk, making the ties soft to touch. Besides getting the quality, you are also getting a great brand which will show your status and help boost your confidence.

PradaPrada Ties

Expensive silk ties are also made by Prada. They are hand made in Italy to ensure that consumers get top quality products. This brand is widely recognised as a status symbol as it is one of the most powerful labels in Europe. A Prada tie can cost you up to $190, making it one of the most expensive silk ties available on the market

Louis Vuitton TiesLouis Vuitton

Another famous brand that makes expensive silk ties is Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton or more commonly known as LV is another big name fashion designer in the world. Its creations all include the LV monogram to distinguish it from others. Their expensive silk ties come in conventional designs and colors which is perfect for the workplace. For each type of design, you can usually choose from a few colors. Some popular ones are the Damier Classique, Celeste and Ecu. A tie from Louis Vuitton costs around $195, which is pretty steep.


Gucci Ties

Gucci also produces a wide range of expensive silk ties for men. According to the BusinessWeek magazine, they are in the list of the top global 100 brands in 2009. This Italian brand is also one of the most popular luxury goods establishments in the world. Some of the popular designs by Gucci is the Red - Navy classic and the Black - Silver Cream G logo. You can even get some fun expensive silk ties such as the Aqua Pink Flamingo or the White - Hot Pink Butterfly Bird design. You should expect to pay around $180 for a Gucci tie.

BurberryBurberry Ties

Burberry is a famous British fashion label which manufactures clothing, fragrance and fashion accessories. They are one of the biggest names in the fashion industry, so wearing a tie with their label will give you the luxurious feeling of wearing branded goods.

Burberry makes some of the most expensive silk ties. There are two main types that they make, mainly the slim cut and classic cut. The slim cut one is thinner at the front end and is almost straight while the classic cut one is more flared at the end. There are many designs and patterns for you to choose from, ranging from plain ones to striped ones. You can also get these expensive silk ties in their popular trademarked check pattern. You should expect to pay around $135 to $150 for their neckties.

Dolce & Gabbana TiesDolce & Gabbana

Besides the above brands, Dolce & Gabbana also has many choices when it comes to expensive silk ties. There are two main lines that they produce, being Dolce&Gabbana and D&G. The former specializes in luxury items designed by top designers while the latter is a more casual line and more trendy. While both of them are top notch items, the former brand will sell more expensive silk ties compared to the latter. One tie will cost you around $95 to $180.

Handmade Expensive Silk Ties

Besides the commercial brands, you can also buy handmade ones. These expensive silk ties are often created by family-run companies who make them entirely by hand in every aspect of production. Handmade ones by specialized makers are usually of high workmanship and use the finest materials available. Although they may take longer to make compared to those which are commercially bought, the skilled artisans will patiently print and weave the tie to produce a unique product. They are more labour intensive, hence the additional cost. Sometimes, you would be able to customize your own design on these expensive silk ties to make it a more personalized gift. Depending on the quality of material used and workmanship involved, handmade ones might cost more or less compared to the branded expensive silk ties stated above.

Designer or Handmade?

Depending on your love for fashion, you might have different opinions regarding which expensive silk ties are better. The quality of handmade and machine made expensive silk ties will differ in terms of silk count, the interlining (whether wool or synthetic fibre) and the stitching involved. Handmade ones are rarer and you would reduce the chance of bumping into someone with exactly the same tie as you. So, which do you prefer? Leave your comments in the comments section below.