Champagne flutes

A lot of people consider that an overpriced and quality champagne can only be savored by using a good quality champagne flute. The truth is that you do not need to get the costliest one in order to completely love this high quality drink, what you need to aim for is to discover some of the best glasses that provide both great design and a affordable value.  You can find a lot of top quality champagne flutes available on the market, before choosing the best one you should look at a number of aspects, like the value and design. Champagne drinks are very popular for weddings and get-togethers and, in some places, drinking from your best champagne glasses is considered as a local tradition.

One of the most pricey flutes is the Imperial. This exquisite flute is known all over the world for its style, along with its huge price. The truth is, it is probably the priciest champagne flute available at this time. Due to the fact that it's so gorgeous and rare, lots of people want to acquire it. Another well-known fact about this flute is the fact that royalties have the practice of utilizing it for parties as well. In relation to elegance and design, there aren’t a lot of champagne glasses on the market that can top the Imperial!

Some Imperial flutes also feature some precious metal or diamond in their design. This champagne flute is also the product of the cooperation involving Natascha Marx and Tobias Berger and it can be bought at the amazing cost of 65,000 euros. Tobias Berger and Natascha Marx are right now known as several of the most modern designers in relation to flutes developing. They've each mastered their methods of creating high quality gold and diamond plated champagne glasses and therefore are extensively renowned around the world for their skills.

The Imperial champagne flutes offer 180 grams of gold and 8 carats of diamond that are mixed flawlessly with the materials. It provides an amazingly expert efficiency and design without coming to any compromises. You just can’t find a greater handmade champagne glass out there!