Just imagine the pyramids of Egypt, the extraordinary Petra in Jordan, or the canals of Venice. There's no real need to simply imagine. A holiday cruise can bring these and other cultural destinations to life and supply up-close-and-personal shore excursions that may enlighten your mind. Best of all, you can travel in style with features and comforts allowing you to relax and not worry about all the little things.

The onshore cultural experiences can be one of the most stimulating parts of a holiday cruise. Most cruises visit a number of interesting and exotic ports during their journey, each offering new sites and places to explore. The easiest way to experience a destination's ambiance is through a cruise firm's shore excursion program.

Exotic PlacesFrom the electrifying shores of Alaska to the wonders of the Mediterranean, the list of shore excursions offering cultural opportunities and sites to see will astound the mind. Shore excursions activities can alter depending on where you are cruising. Some of the smaller port stops are comparatively straightforward to explore independently; however, to experience many sites in and around your port of call you'll need to join one of the ship's shore excursions.

Quite regularly excursions offered by the cruise company take substantial planning and would be difficult to organize yourself once you're in port. Engineered to make the best of your time in port and cover a selection of activities, these shore excursions activities will include anything from cultural walking tours, museums, culinary colleges and shopping tours to the thrills of sailing, zip-lining, helicopter rides, biking, kayaking and wildlife treks.

Best of all traveling on these shore excursions will allow you to meet and connect with others with the same interests as you. Another additional advantage when taking part in the cruise company's organized shore excursion is that the ship will not depart until all shore excursions have returned. Talk about peace of mind. Booking shore excursions is a smart idea, so start planning your shore excursions early.

You'll most likely receive a program of your ship's shore excursion with your cruise documents once you have scheduled and paid for the trip. Shore excursions can cost more and can be billed to your shipboard's account. Ideally the excursions you should sign up quickly for any shore excursions, as the most well liked trips sell out quickly.

Better yet most cruise lines will allow new travelers to book their trip ahead of time over the internet or through their travel agent.

Once on board, take some time and visit the educational shore excursion orientations which are hosted by the ship's staff. In addition, some excursions may offer many lectures on varied subjects associated with the ports you'll be visiting. These are a good way to find your feet on shore, you might say. Cruising too far off land is not only exciting, but it's also a culturally enlightening experience. Immerse yourself in a shore excursion and get set to learn, absorb, and explore the world around you.