A magical retreat

Miraval Resort
Credit: miravalresorts.com

Miraval Resort has been regarded as a top luxury spa by travelers and lifestyle magazines the world over. Known for treating guests to sustainable, casita-inspired accommodations, and activities that put emphasis on health and wellness, this Tuczon vacation spot is considered as one of Conde Nast Traveler's best new spas in 2013.[1].

No other spa and resort in Arizona could top Miraval’s line up of New Age treatments and pampering techniques. In this luxurious resort, massage and facial sessions are made more interesting with chakra-reading seminars, spiritual healing ceremonies and holographic memory visualizations. As for outdoor activities, guests get the chance to really commune with nature, the Native American way, through sunset drum circles and sunrise horseback rides.

Guests keep coming back to Miraval Resort to experience more of its getaway spa packages. Miraval offers something that fits its broad clientele's budget and preferences. You may choose accommodations such as the Discover Miraval Package for first-timers, and Girls Getaway Package for girl friends looking for a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city.[2]

Earthy ambiance

Earthy ambiance
Credit: miravalresorts.com

The ambiance in Miraval Resort features the quaint character of living in Tucson, Arizona. The resort's earthy interiors are primarily made of stones and slates. The rooms have verandas overlooking the snowcapped view of the Santa Catalina Mountains, while the outdoor spa facilities are surrounded by the Sonoran Desert.

You may indulge into Miraval's amenities with a clear conscience as the proprietors and developers of this Arizona spa and resort seem to have made it a point to design with environmental sustainability in mind. Here you can relax in the company of experts in naturopathic spa treatments in a room made of all-natural materials such as wood, stone and stucco.

Bedrooms are spacious and furnished with LCD television and Wi-Fi access. Most of the furniture is made of hardwood. The beddings are comfortable and the bathrooms are filled with organic freebies. The best part is that you get to enjoy all these modern amenities in a place that makes you feel like you don’t need them anyway; all you need is this environment and the spiritual experience you can take home with you after the vacation.

Healthy indulgence

Food in Miraval Resort
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Food in Miraval Resort is included in the packages. Like everything else in this amazing Arizona spa resort, meals, snacks and beverages are strangely delightful, and yet you can indulge without worrying about the calories because aside from the fact that you can shed them off easily through hiking or engaging in one of Miraval’s wellness activities, the food are healthy and delicately prepared.

Some might complain about portion sizes but you can easily ask for more if you are not filled up yet. You may also ask to modify your food to your liking and health concerns.

New Age relaxation and activities

Sonoran Desert
Credit: miravalresorts.com

There are two ways to enjoy this destination resort and spa. One is to engage in the exciting activities that the 16,000 square-foot spa has to offer, and the other way is to simply relax and bask in the warmth of the ambiance and the people around you.

Fusion spas in Miraval Resort combines massage, craniosacral and sound therapy, stretching, and acupuncture. You may also try their signature Thai massage or hot stone massage in an outdoor spa. On top of these are body scrubs and facial treatments like no other.

You can start your morning with a two-hour brisk hike and experience extreme outdoor recreation such as walking on a tight rope 35 feet up in the air, or braving the Quantum Leap where you could just jump and let go from a pole without anything to hold on to but the trust you have for your vacation buddies.[3]

“Holistic” is one word to sum up the Miraval experience. Spas, outdoor activities, food and comfort are beyond the mundane and superficial over here. Vacation in Miraval Resort touches the mind, body and spirit, leaving you fully invigorated once you go back to the routine of everyday life.