Christmas carnival in Nigeria

Ever been to Nigeria before? Let me guess that would be a "no". I wonder why you have been missing out all these years. Understandably, the media portrays the third world as being uninhabitable, poor, filled with malnourished people and thieves parading the roads at every nook and cranny, seeking out whom to devour. I’m not putting you through the stress of reading this article because I am a Nigerian, but I am simply inviting you to come share in the joy of Nigerians during Christmas.

Christmas all around the world is a magical time, a time for relaxation, giving, eating the cookies, and generally taking some time out to recuperate. It would not be all that fun if you do not spend it with those you love, and if you love your family and friends so much I think it would be worthwhile to give them a little something special this Christmas: visit Nigeria.

Nigeria is located in the heart of West- Africa, and is home to 140 million people, among which are very hard working and honest people just like you. Nigerians are very homely and hospitable people, and in seasons like this the beauty of the African continent is brought to light by rich cultural displays and performances on virtually every street in Nigeria. Carnivals during this period are the peak of the Nigerian celebration of Christmas. In the spirit of oneness and peace the security is heightened during such periods to ensure that there are no moles among the lot seeking out easy prey to feast on.

Apart from the carnivals, the riverine communities located in the southern part of Nigeria have been known for years to carry out boating and swimming competitions all in the spirit of the season. The hotels located in Nigeria are always filled during this period due to the ever increasing influx of people into the country due to these celebrations. People from all over the world just love Nigeria during the Christmas celebrations because the fun is never ending.

Experience the rich cuisines, reflecting a combination of tested and tried food techniques from the time of the early African settlers up until now. Meet renowned world dishes healthy enough to give your face a lift and live you feeling like a native and not a tourist. Discover the natural beauty spas in Nigeria using beauty techniques that have been tried and tested by millions of happy tourists living the country with smiles on their faces.

Experience the lush fields and rich holiday resorts that bring you just to verge of nature. Experience real time views of animals in the woods housed under game ranger projects. Experience the beauty of the cattle ranches existing in the country manned by the best hands in the industry. Meet fellow tourists like you hoping to have a good time in the country. For once in your life have a real story to tell to those around you.