Everyone likes to experiment with the way they look from time to time. This is particularly true as you grow older. Of course, if you have brown hair and brown eyes you may feel that you look ordinary and want to stand out from the crowd a little bit more. If you consider changing the color of your eyes to match the changing color of your hair, you're not alone. However, in the past, many people have tried this and had a little results. This is partly due to the fact that in the past people with brown eyes had little or no change from using colored contacts. Thankfully, this has turned around dramatically. The latest contact lenses work perfectly well with people of every eye color and get the dramatic or subtle looks that you're looking for.

When colored contacts made their debut 25 years ago, the quality was much different. Contacts of that time were basically colored transparencies that when over your natural eye color. They were meant to look subtle and natural. However, this technique simply did not work unless you had extremely light colored eyes. Plus, they were extremely uncomfortable to wear as they were typically hard contacts as opposed to soft contacts. In addition to this problem, they were also extremely expensive. This was in part due to the fact that you can only wear them a few times before you needed to purchase new ones. So in addition to not getting the results that you want, they were also more expensive the most people wanted to pay.

Advances in nanotechnology brought around the kind of colored contact lenses that are used today. One of the biggest improvements were with green contact lenses. Green was the most difficult color to obtain for anyone of any eye color. Most people were lucky if they got a shade of brown instead of the green color they were looking to obtain. As far as a dramatic effect goes, most people were out of

luck. At best, you had brownish colored eyes with an ugly green ring around your iris. Needless to say, many people lost faith in contacts because of this reason.

Today, you don't need to worry about not obtaining the look you wide no matter what your current eye color it is. Although you can still buy colored contacts that work with your current eye color, you can also purchase soft contact lenses that will obtain any color that you want. This is even true with hazel contact lenses. Unless you specifically purchase dramatic contacts for Halloween uses, you can be assured that you will have a subtle or dramatic look based upon your choosing and not what you wind up with. Plus, there are many computer programs where you can change the color of your eyes with a picture before you purchase your contacts.