Tucked into one side of Baranof Island sits Warm Springs Bay, home of Baranof Wilderness Lodge. Many lodgings in Alaska say that they are located in the wilderness, but few achieve that claim like this one. Reachable only by sea or by air, the lodge sits 20 miles from Sitka, Alaska. For tourists looking for a truly rural Alaskan adventure, Baranof Wilderness Lodge is a destination that won't disappoint.

View of Eklutna Lake from the Twin Peaks trail, near Anchorage, Alaska

Baranof is a fisherman's paradise. Guests can choose between saltwater fishing, river fishing, and lake fishing, and can choose tackle fishing or fly fishing. Saltwater tackle is provided, and freshwater gear is available for purchase. The lodge offers experienced, U.S. Coast Guard certified guides for all of its trips, so guests are sure to find the best fishing spots and stay safe at the same time.

For guests wanting to see even more wilderness, Baranof Wilderness Lodge also offers wilderness basecamp trips. Guests fly by float plane to the camp at Kelp Bay, where they can do even more fishing, spend time beachcombing, dig up crab pots, watch bald eagles soar above, and discover even more hiking trails.

Bald Eagle flying off after an aborted salmon pick-up in Eagle River, Alaska

At Baranof, they value the ecosystem that supports and allows their business to thrive. Thus, they use barbless tackle and practice catch and release techniques when freshwater fishing. These are the practices that sustain the fish and other seafood, and allow Baranof Wilderness Lodge to exist. Because guests do not keep the fish they catch, the lodge will pack and freeze a box of halibut and saltwater salmon for each guest to take home.

Fishing isn't the only available activity at Baranof Wilderness Lodge, though. Guests can hike the coastal rivers, watch both Humpback whales and Orcas swim and breach, and help pull shrimp and crab traps from the water. The lodge also recommends the Mermaid Spa, located nearby in Warm Springs Bay, where guests can receive a massage and other treatments to help them relax after a long, active day.

Food is taken seriously at Baranof Wilderness Lodge. They feature fresh seafood at most meals, and many of their offerings are pulled from the water on the same day they're served. For guests who want a break form seafood, alternate entrees are available at every meal. Baked goods are cooked daily, so they are fresh, too.

Baranof Wilderness Lodge offers everything necessary for a first-class Alaskan adventure vacation. From fishing to hiking to fresh seafood and more, there are opportunities for everyone to enjoy Alaska's pristine wilderness at Baranof.

Photos via flickr, by Alaskan Dude.