When you first arrive in Kalbarri check with the Kalbarri Visitor Centre as to what you can see and learn about the different types of accommodation and dining available to visitors throughout your stay.

Explore the wonders and varieties of water sports available at Kalbarri for your next Leisure holiday.  An unbelievable experience awaits you just a short drive north of Perth along West Australia’s scenic coastline.

Kalbarri is accessible from two sealed roads, either from the South via Northampton or from the North which makes it easier for tourists coming across the top from the East of Australia.

Western Australias Free camp spots

We camped along the Murchison River near the road bridge it was real peaceful.  On our second night we were surprised to have a visit by a dark gray fox.  In fact even though we have spent most of our lives in the west neither of us had seen a gray one before, although we had seen hundreds of the brown foxes. So you never know what you may see or learn about while traveling on holidays.  You need to keep your eyes open at all times and of course drive safely.

Dog lovers

Some of the parks are now pet friendly so you can relax with your pet. Yes some towns are realizing the value of extra tourists by allowing dogs at their parks

Murchison River

The mouth of the Murchison spectacular and offers its visitors an exhilarating choice of water sport experiences. Many years ago Cornish miners had leases right on the Murchison River bed. Its fresh water made it an ideal place to live and work. Over the years its beautiful gorges and water activities is what has attracted thousands of tourists to continue spending their vacations enjoying time well spent along its banks.


You will be entertained by the Dolphins and Whales that visit its shores enthralling you with their creative antics.  This is also a great place to relax and enjoy the excellent fishing opportunities. Either fish from its shores, with your own boat or take a charter fishing trip.

Things to see and do in Kalbarri:

Kalbarri National Park
Like any National park no dogs are permitted. Although you can often book them into a kennel or vet care while you visit.  Kalbarri would be one of Western Australia’s most beautiful National Parks with scenic places and gorges to cast your eyes over. Guided tours are available for those wishing to be shown the beautiful spots around Kalbarri.

Kalbarri also has wonderful beaches with incredible towering sandstone cliffs around its coastal reef. With an abundance of many varieties of birds and species of marine life to see.

For the Sports minded Tourists

Kalbarri has an 18 hole golf course. 
Lawn Bowls are available for the bowling enthusiast.
They have two boat ramps for boating enthusiasts, or fish from the rocks and beach most of the year although you will need to beware and check for dangers of rising swells.
Surfing can be enjoyed at Jacque’s Point most of the year.


Western Australias beautiful Wildflowers

Enjoy the beautiful Wildflowers that line the roads from the end of June to mid November. This is truly a magnificent display to enjoy as you drive through the West’s wonderful varieties of shrubs and flowers in bloom.  You can take care and park off the road to take memorable shots if haven't forgot to pack your camera.

Everyone is welcome to explore Kalbarri for the next water sports or leisure holiday if you want to have a relaxing fun filled vacation next
summer.  There is plenty to see and do for everyone of all ages.

Other places to explore

Visit South West Australias Bunbury and Collie

World Heritage area of Shark Bay

South Australias Great Ocean Road

You will not get lost while traveling with one of these

Coastal Gorges at Kalbarri

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