Autumn Travel Getaway!

Nature’s natural wonders awaits you as you set aside the summer fun, the autumn mAutumnonths come alive with the backdrop of fall’s splendor with the glitter of exquisite shades of gold and canary yellow, the sparkle of burnt orange leaves, and the tempting almost velvety re-hot reds that will leave you breathless, and in awe of one of nature’s true gifts, the change of seasons.  As you explore the colors of fall, it might surprise you that while there are some ever popular places to visit, there are some perhaps not as popular, but no less majestic destinations where you will find a brilliant display of beauty that beckons you nonetheless, where a sense of serenity and inspiration surrounds you and brings you full circle where you can celebrate nature’s natural wonders.  

Off-Peak Travel DestinationsColorado

While Aspen Colorado may not be at the top of your list when you think of autumn, the fall months in Aspen offer something special, the vibrant oranges, brilliant golds, and vivid yellows that carpet the mountain sides against the landscape of occasional evergreens, are a good reason to add Aspen to your lineup for fall travel.

There are countless opportunities along the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, whether you choose to hike along the various beautiful winding trails, kayak or white-water raft for an up close and personal experience of nature’s offerings, or drive alongside the Columbia River on the state’s I-84, you will not be disappointed.  If you do find yourself in Oregon from mid-September to mid-October, you will be treated to the special wonderment of the gorge that snakes through the Cascade Mountains, leaving a trail of twisted pines, cottonwood, vine maple trees, plush fir forests, and magnificent waterfalls, as you discover the colors of fall like none other.

Ready to be aFall colors(124732)westruck as you step off the beaten path of the Great Smoky Mountains where the fall colors of orange, crimson, and purple, will grab you, and show you a good time as the breathtaking colors bounce off the sugar and red maples, sweetgums, crimson oaks and hickories, with more than a hundred species of native trees in the most visited national park in the United States, you will want to come back for more. 

Texas welcomes nature lovers from all over, and if you enjoy various outdoor activities, such as hiking, fishing, camping, or bird-watching during the fall, Texas is flush with the fiery splendor of spectacular autumn colors of the Lost Maples State Natural Area.

Fall travel would not be complete without a trip to the Catskills area north of New York City, as the region comes alive with a miracle of another autumn, bursting forth with a kaleidoscope of colors.  The brilliant reds, shining golds, and effervescent orange leaves beckons you with an offering up of a blend of autumn colors against a backdrop of historic towns, festivals, crafts fairs, antique shops, quaint bed and breakfast places, farmers’ markets, and so much more. 

Romantic getawayRomantic Winter Getaways

Romantic travel is always special, but a getaway during the fall has its special charm.  If you are willing to step out of your comfort zone, the allure of the majestic Cape Cod National Seashore will not disappoint you, where a landscape of endless colors, lush forests and cranberry bogs present itself with a glorious treasure house of autumn colors.  Hop on a ferry, and discover for yourself the hidden treasures beyond the coastline of the charming and quaint Nantucket Island and Martha’s Vineyard, where the vivid potpourri of colors of fall come together like a color palate.

Whether it is North or South Carolina, Virginia, or Georgia, you will be treated to an abundance of fall foliage, scenic country estates, majestic mountain ranges, magnolia-filled gardens, and waterfalls.  Still looking for something a little different, experience the colors of fall from the air in a hot-air balloon ride, or take a canoe ride on the Housatonic River.  Bike or hike where an abundance of trees come alive with color, whatever your choice, a unique autumn experience awaits you in the Litchfield Hills of the Berkshire Mountains, Connecticut.

So as you bid adieu to summer fun, autumn beckons you with a post summer beauty that awaits you as you explore the colors of fall.