Homeowners remodeling their bathrooms should never forget to buy new bathroom lighting fixtures. Lighting has changed along with bathroom styling, giving designers new choices that can enhance almost any bathroom decor. When shopping for bathroom lighting, buyers can choose from hundreds of styles. Wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted bathroom lights can contribute special affects to a bathroom, giving designers a chance to make a fashion statement that will astound guests and improve the functionality of the room.

Pendant Lighting

Decorative lighting that looks like a pendant will charm every bathroom user. Suspended by posts, cords or chains, these lights add a delightful surprise to people who do not customarily see ceiling-mounted lights in bathrooms.

Task Lighting

Lights mounted on and around bathroom mirrors give bathroom users the ability to perform routine grooming tasks like shaving, applying makeup and combing hair. Designers should exercise care when choosing task lighting because having too much light can cause as many problems as having too little light causes.

Bar Lighting

Bar lights include several discrete light fixtures mounded on a wooden or metallic bar across the top of the vanity mirror. Sometimes designers also choose to mount bar lights on the sides of the vanity mirror. The popularity of these lights stems from their unique appearance and their ability to cast light throughout the bathroom. Bar lights can comprise decorative light bulbs protrude at a 90-degree angle from the wall. Bar lights can also comprise discrete light fixtures that mount bulbs in an upright manner with or without globes or shades.

Globe Lighting

Bathroom lights with globes help diffuse light, so it provides kinder, gentler rays that fall gently on the human body. Designers can use these lights in ways that evoke images of movie-star dressing rooms, but these lights can also create various other decorative and functional effects in bathrooms of any size.

Sconce Lighting

Sconces are bathroom lighting fixtures that usually mount on bathroom walls. These lights create a luxurious look and a practical function. These lights often have ornate or modern wall plates and support a single candle-like light fixture. Although sconces will add a touch of glamor to almost any decor, they fit well in large bathrooms that often have dark areas between the sink and shower.

Recessed Lighting

Homeowners who want to make a statement can install recessed lighting into their bathrooms to create a modern, classy look that provides subtle lighting throughout the room. Recessed lighting can even provide illumination for showers and tubs.

Natural Lighting

Skylights can bring natural sunlight into the bathroom. This creates a warm, inviting atmosphere that allows people to accurately apply makeup and get evaluate the way they will look after they leave the house. Skylights can present installation issues to homeowners, so anyone interested in using natural lighting for bathrooms should contact a contractor as well as a home improvement store.

Homeowners creating the perfect new or remodeled bathroom should consider every kind of bathroom lighting fixtures for their decor. Designers can mix and match the different bathroom lights mentioned above to create a unique and daring bathroom that everyone loves.