Holidays in Croatia are famous for their seaside resorts and charming villages. Enjoy clean beaches and some Italian charm in Croatia. This Mediterranean country on the Adriatic coast is one of the best sports for sun in Europe and it’s perfect for summer holidays

You’ll find bountiful bays and great secluded coves in Croatia and amazing lush green islands. Enjoy the culture in Cavtat's Medieval Old Town or relax your worries away on Lopud Island. Porec is another amazing destination and you should also visit Dubrovnik to round out your trip. Dubrovnik features ancient palaces, modern hotels, fantastic bars, boutiques and cafes for morning coffee or casual conversation.

Food in Croatia includes fresh seafood, and many Italian imports. Pasta and pizza are old favorites in this country. Enjoy homemade breads and great broths as well as flavorful wines to tempt your senses. You’ll enjoy your holiday for the food alone but there’s much more to Croatia.

Colosseum in Pula Croatia
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Exploring Porec

Porec has a picturesque harbour and some awe inspiring sights. You’ll find stone cobbled streets and sights that make for some perfect pictures. Narrow paved alleyways wind their way through Venetian houses. The Basilica Euphrasis features famous mosaics. There over fifteen amazing beaches here for a holiday you’ll treasure for years to come. After sunset Porec comes alive with bars and restaurants around the town busy with activity. You’ll find seafood, smoke ham, and the best olive oil here. Enjoy club tunes and jazz concerts after your meal. Relax with a cool drink and watch the sunset. It’s an amazing time in Porec. Croatia has mnay wonderful areas to offer you.

Exploring Dubrovnik

Holidays in Dubrovnik feature the rich history of the area. You can find seaside holidays or spend time in the city. Here you’ll enjoy sightseeing, shopping, and plenty of sunshine. There are old monasteries to explore the days of old. You can visit enchanting markets and boutiques for gifts and souvenirs to take back home. Dubrovnik can be upbeat or laid back the choice is yours on your holiday. This is one area in Croatia you want to see.

Exploring Rovinj

Rovinj features great restaurants, wine cellars and bars. There are great beaches and an amazing market as well as stunning sights. You’ll enjoy the time you spend in this area of Croatia.

Exploring Cavat

Cavat features sunshine, relaxation and fun by the sea. Enjoy strolls by the seaside and café style lunches. This is your spot for some peaceful holiday adventures. The clear waters offer plent y of watersport activates from scuba diving to sailing opportunities. When you’re not in the water go shopping and sightseeing Visit the art gallery or the Baroque church.

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This area if for beach loves and features over 200 coves and beaches. There’s plenty of seaside activity here for everyone to enjoy. These beaches feature plenty of sand which is rare on the Adriatic Coast. Enjoy vineyards here that stretch for miles and enjoy medieval towns. There’s a relaxed rural setting to this area so you can enjoy yourself here as you get away from all the worries back home.


This area features cobbled streets and pastel colored homes with a Venetian flair. The hilltop town used to be the mining capital of Istria right up until the 1970s. The town has plenty of baroque style buildings and the town museum has a model mine to reflect on the heritage of this area. There’s an art scene here and a gallery. You’ll find small arts and crafts stores around the town too. Relax and enjoy some rich history with a visit to Labin.

Croatia Map


This area may be small but it has a lot to offer the holiday traveler. There’s a rural and old world charm to this area with stunning views. There are no high rises here or busy megastores so you can relax in a comfortable atmosphere away from the bustle of regular life. There are a few small markets and some beaches waiting for you here. This is a place to just get away from everything and you may not want to leave.