When it comes to Chicago rentals, Lakeview is one of the more sought after areas of the city. It's now wonder either, as this is an area that, as it's name suggests, lies on the edge of Lake Michigan. So, where are the best Lakeview apartments for rent to be found?


All over the area, to be honest. That may not seem a very precise answer, but it's true, nevertheless. You can find classic "old style" apartments from yesteryear, more familiar ones from yesterday, and right up to the minute apartments from yes, right now.


There really is something for everyone. You can find apartments in vintage high rise buildings, standing next to more modern condominiums, dotted along North Lake Shore Drive. There are also many low rise and older buildings that are easier on the pocket in Central and West Lakeview.


Lakeview is a welcoming neighborhood. People of all kinds live here. There's a large Jewish community, and there are three synagogues in the area to support them. There are also German communities and Spanish communities. One Roman Catholic church, off Lincoln Avenue, celebrates mass in German, English and Spanish to accommodate all of its parishioners. The church is notable for its stunning stained glass windows specially imported from Germany.


There is only one totem pole in the whole of Lakeview, and probably in the whole of Chicago too. It's a real one from the northwest of Canada, as the Native Americans who lived in this part of America did not use totem poles. It stands proudly in Lincoln Park near the side of the lake, giving it a real lake view.


The first gay village in the USA, or at least, the first one to be recognized officially, is popularly known as Boystown, and it lies within the area of Lakeview. It is one of the largest lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender communities in America, with many rainbow-colored flags and symbols flown freely, and a noted cultural center visited by everyone who enjoys the more artistic side of life.


Finding the best Lakeview apartmens for rent also means being spoiled for choice in terms of fine restaurants, theaters, cinemas, bars, clubs and the like. This is a bustling community filled to overflowing with excellent amenities. If you enjoy sport, and especially baseball, then Lakeview can offer you the famous Wrigley Field in an area colloquially known as Wrigleyville. It isn't just baseball here either. They stage major concerts from time to time too. When you check out some of the better Chicago rentals, you'll discover all this and more for yourself.