A Fast Look at Traveling New Jersey

The Diner State

Imagine having the role of public relations director for the state of New Jersey. Bad press and a negative nickname follow the state. After all, the best known nickname for the 7,417 square mile state, is "Armpit of America." Yikes! Consider this as a tidbit adding insult to injury. Upon crossing the state line frNew Jersey(51966)om New Jersey entering into Pennsylvania, travelers see a sign stating, "America Starts Here!" What would one do to promote the image of this little, somewhat abused  state?

Never fear, there is acceptable press available on New Jersey. A reputation for the best-of-the-best diners, fresh produce, a history of famous residents, a few traditions now noticed nationwide, and a varied landscape,  and  all hail from New Jersey.

The Diners: The proper name, "The Garden State," also denotes New Jersey. The state, known for its production of cranberries, blueberries, peaches, bell peppers, and spinach is a garden paradise. Where is that fresh produce be used? Well, that is the best part. "The Diner State" should also describe the New York neighbor. Every New Jersey town has at least one diner. Greek proprietors own many of the ubiquitous establishments, some of which offer  hefty, ten-page  menus. Locations range from strip malls to old railroad cars-turned New Jersey Dinerrestaurant. Going on a diner hunt is a worthy New Jersey tourist activity. Venture out if visiting New York City. Books depict the history of the many diners. Look up reviews on diners and consider seeing the state through the adventuresome trip to one of these Americana establishments. Food networks on television actually entire shows just spotlighting diners. A quick glance through their websites can turn up a great New Jersey list.

The Famous Residents: Now, many say the famous residents all escaped, but hey, there were many born in New Jersey. To name just a few, Thomas Edison, Tony Soprano, Frankie Vallie of the Four Seasons, and Martha Stewart all hail from there.

The Tradition Started in NJ: Consider a football or any sports game attended recently and the antics of the cheerleaders.  The fans there all experienced a New Jersey first in cheering along, probably without knowing it. Cheerleading started with the Tigers of Princeton University. A squad formed there with the purpose of distracting their opponents. Certainly that idea caught on, and vivacious cheerleaders are everywhere and even a sport in itself now!

The Landscape, What to Do: It is tiny but mighty. Mountains, rivers, beaches and high-dollar housing all call New Jersey home. The traveler would not be bored with so many venues available!

Go explore. Excellent preparation for the job of New Jersey PR director will result!