New York Thai street food

Thai street food carts in NYC can be found sprinkled about; the aroma wafts and tickles the senses several blocks away. Thai street food carts in NYC are clean and well organized--for such a small space--it has to be. The Thai food preparation is a magical thing to behold. Fresh fruits and vegetables, grilled meats, herbs and spices commingling in a broth or draped over steamed rice, creating a masterpiece for your taste buds. The price and food-high makes one want to frequent these Thai street food vendors on a daily basis. Shaved iced desserts or Thai Nam Kang Sai is a refreshing finishing touch and quite popular in Thailand. The shaved ice is made from coconut milk and has toppings of black sticky rice or taro and sweet lotus root. Try a unique hot dog treat with mango and painted with sweet barbecue sauce and a dusting of cumin powder. Thai street food carts in NYC are usually compact but there are larger more established mobile vendors with tables and chairs, a place to relax and watch the New Yorker's bustling along the sidewalks. Let time slow down as you relish the exquisite nuances of Thai street cart vendors and their food delicacies. Each time you come across one of these gems, jot down the location and save it for another time in the very near future.

There are ten NYC Thai street food cart favorites, known for their flavors and cheap prices.

  1. Som Tam - diced papaya and hot spicy salad.
  2. Ba Mee Nam - wonton and egg noodle broth.
  3. Pad Thai - saute shrimp, tofu and fried noodles.
  4. Johk - creamy rice breakfast cereal.
  5. Khao Mun Gai Tom - steamed chicken and broth over rice.
  6. Rat Naa - pork gravy over flat fried noodles.
  7. Pad Krapow Moo - fried pork and basil served on rice
  8. Khao Moo Daeng - rice and fried pork.
  9. Pad See Lew - pork, green vegetables and fried noodles.
  10. Khao Pad - fried rice.


New York Thai Street Food