In all my online endeavors, I have frequently encountered many people who ask a completely legitimate and plausible question: "Why would you ever want to write for an online Web 2.0 article submission, revenue sharing, website (like Info Barrel, eHow, HubPages, Xomba, Bukisa, etc.) when you can completely own your own blog(s) or website(s) and take 100% of the revenue from your own affiliate links and advertisements?"

The resounding nature of this question is one that I have encountered on many forums, and, offline, to a lesser degree. Clearly, reluctant to diving completely into the rather uncommon and unconventional approach that I've advocated for years, there are many people who have dismissed the notion of ever even contributing an ounce of effort to one of these authority sites.

The foundation of this question, however, fails to address several important issues that I will address in this Info Barrel article. The primary reasons why websites, and business models (like Info Barrel) have become so incredibly successful is because they offer writers the great opportunity to host their writing and a earn a revenue share, in return for a percentage of the advertisement revenue generated from the emplacement of Google Adsense, Chitika, and Amazon adverts on their articles. On top of this, websites like Info Barrel aggregate tens of thousands of articles, and, writers, that ultimately helps contribute to the quality search engine authority that will help writers to collectively earn more and more over time.

For the writer and/or entrepreneur, who is looking to maximize their profits and minimize their effort, a more thoughtful approach should include the following questions. If you want to maximize your article earnings, as well as the traffic potential associated with developing your own website and your own personal brand, I would strongly recommend that you consider asking the following questions:
  1. Does the website you have chosen to write for offer revenue share on all your hosted content? What are the specifics regarding their revenue share arrangement? Unfortunately, many of the most popular websites online today, that are similar to Info Barrel, offer less revenue share, and still some others refuse to maintain the high degree of transparency (regarding this revenue share) that Info Barrel does.
  2. How established is the website? Has it been around for a long time? Does it have many users, and more importantly, are a majority of the users active: contributing to the forum/community, leaving comments on fellow writer's articles, generally helping others, etc?
  3. If a website is popular, how is it's growth, search engine authority, bounce rate %, traffic rank, and pageviews? While few will take notice of these metrics, and even fewer will begin to identify growth trends, in relation to other similar websites, this information can actually be found, free of charge, on the websites of analytical companies like Other websites, of consideration, are and
In the best interest of keeping this Info Barrel article from becoming too long winded, these are just 3, of many, questions that I ask prior to writing for Info Barrel, or any website. Because I value my time investment very highly, before I contribute to any website, I truly believe that it is in my best interest to, like purchasing stock in a company, to minimize my risk by doing the proper research and analysis.

In my series of articles entitled "A Dynamic, Ongoing Case for Info Barrel", I will be/have been addressing many of these issues that have lead me to favor Info Barrel extremely highly over many of even the most elite websites in the revenue share industry. With a revenue share arrangement that allocates 100% of earnings, when an individual's Adsense ID# is displayed in a rotation of up to 90% of impressions, this revenue share arrangement is, not only transparent, but also one of the more generous that can be found online.

Even though Info Barrel does not quite have the popularity, and search engine authority, as many of the websites that were 'first-out-the-gate' and established a name for themselves early on, it's current growth trends indicate that it is well on it's way to becoming a top worldwide website property. This data alone is very revealing with regards to the future earning potential that all writers have to collectively earn here. Akin to the next killer stock to hit Wall Street, it is truly the earliest adopters of social media technology that stand to earn the most in the long run, even when a degree a patience is required, at least initially, until Info Barrel fully establishes itself as a high PR website.

Info Barrel's community, although still in it's infancy, is among one of the best, and most active, online. For those who have lost motivation, or who have grown weary of contributing for days, without any revenue generated quite yet, the Info Barrel forum has proven to be an incredible meeting ground for people to ask question and seek out help. The underlying benefit of developing a community of this nature is essentially the culture of like-minded individuals that can be effectively leveraged for the best interest of the collective. Having a forum like this, allows the owners and admins of this website to effectively gauge the general sentiments, questions and concerns, of a userbase of whom's needs they are continually trying to address in the best, most fair, manner.

The evidence of community and culture can be seen in the raw data if one is to deeply analyze the charts and graphs that are available for free on Without going into the tremendous amounts of detail that I would be going into in my "Dynamic, Ongoing, Case for Info Barrel" series of articles, the raw data, at this point in time, depicts a website that is continually having a great deal of users spending time on it and interacting with it. Rather than simply consume information, only to leave a minute or two later, not only do user's contribute, but they effectively engage the community on a regular basis. When conducting your research and analysis, although I will expound upon them in other articles, I ask you to particularly compare this websites reach, and bounce rate %, as it compares to similar website platforms.

Another benefit of writing for Info Barrel is the fact that writers are afforded the opportunity to submit content in various article formats. Where many other websites are significantly self-limiting, with regards to the availability of publishing in multiple formats, this feature of Info Barrel allows writers to effectively express themselves, while also not succumbing to the writer's block that could stem from only being limited to writing in one article format. Immediate barriers to creative are emplaced on writers when they feel significantly limited. If, at any time, a writer feels like switching up the format that they write in, they can do that very easily.

While I am a huge fan of Info Barrel, at this stage of it's growth, it is not without some flaws and deficiencies. I speak rarely of these because the management and owners here are very responsive in effectively addressing the needs and desires of the community, in a timely manner. As evidenced by forum posts recently, publishing glitches have been known to happen. Fortunately, the Info Barrel owners have been clearly developing this website at a slow and steady pace, in order for them to best adapt and adjust, based on website happenings and essential user feedback and data. As the internet continually evolves, I truly believe that this degree of owner responsive, to user concerns, will place Info Barrel in a league all it's own and will help solidify it as a top ranked website property. In fact, I believe that Info Barrel addresses many of the flaws and deficiencies of similar website platforms, so much so, that they may even be forced to adjust such things as their revenue share, in order to stay even remotely competitive with Info Barrel in this industry.