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Explorit Science Center is located in Davis, Calif. that was founded in 1982 to help encourage people to love science via being able to handle the exhibits and learn about them. It has exhibits all year long and specializes in exhibits on math and science. All of its exhibits are interactive.

The museum is unique since it allows people to interact and touch the exhibits so they can get more up close and personal and learn in a fun way how things work. They can also set up special learning activities by special appointment for school and other groups.

Science and math are two very vital topics that school kids need to learn about in order to work in several occupational fields like teaching, scientists, doctors, etc. That is why the mission of Explorit Science Center is considered to be very important and a great learning experience for everyone.

 Explorit Science Center Offers Educational Programs

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The Explorit Science Center offers kid’s classes, workshops, demos, fundraisers and school events. The museum is split into several different areas. It has more than 35 exhibits to choose from. It is a non-profit organization where families with kids or school groups can come to work with hands-on themes in science and important programs.

Teachers can choose field trips for their students that include discovery lessons, discovery labs, nature labs and nature safaris. There are also special mobile programs available in some areas. They offer these in 18 counties in the Sacramento area in California. They also frequently offer Summer science camps and have a Facebook page.

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It also offers a wet lab, a microscope nook, an animal alcove and other interesting options for patrons when they visit this educational science museum at Explorit Science Center. They are very dedicated to their science mission and education to the general public and schools about math and science.

Hours of Operation

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Explorit Science Center is open the first full weekend of every month from 1 pm to 5 pm, as well as some holidays. The admission is $5, but kids under two and members are free. School groups should call ahead of time to set up a visit.

Explorit Science Center is undergoing changes in the past year since it has had some financial difficulties that have caused some cutbacks in some of their programs, so if you need specific information on what is available to school groups, it is best to call ahead for details. This is also why it is now only open one full weekend a month or by appointment for groups.

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All in all, the Explorit Science Center is a great museum that has been specially set up to help teach young people and school children learn about math and science. This is done through the interaction of special hands on math and science projects that have been set up by the museum. For more information you can go to their Facebook page or company website.