If you're like any other webmaster, marketer, money schemer, and the thousands of other people creating and posting content to their blogs, websites, and article directories like Info Barrel or Hubpages, you're probably looking for ways to post that article that will get you waves and waves of traffic. Well that next amazing post can truly be your next one if you play your cards right and post the right stuff that people actually want to read.

The trick for best results of your posts and getting people to read them, share them, and talk about those posts is a mixture of luck, timing, skill, and knowing what to talk about. And finally, it's all about perseverance and never giving up. Just because one post wasn't a success doesn't mean that your next one won't be the next big thing that everyone's talking about. So, without further adieu, let's make your next post golden!

Google Trends

Image by Jacob Bøtter via Flickr

  1. Look at the trends. The public interest changes constantly and the content of your posts should change with the interest of the general population. While some topics tend to stay relatively interesting at all times (comedy and technology for example), other topics come and go in massive raging gushes. Michael Jackson's death, for example, is one of those "fad" topics where lots and I mean LOTS of people search about and a great post about his death could end up getting some massive DIGGing attention.

  2. Put some thought into it. If you're going to write about something or post a picture, why do it if you're not going to do it well! Just about everything you see on social bookmarking sites involve content that someone put a lot of effort and time into. So do as those people did and post with quality in mind.

  3. Titles that make your readers salivate. Step up your content and pick a title that make people want to click it and read on. Why pick mediocre words that everyone uses when you can use words that give your title POP! For example, the title for this article would be much more boring and lame if it said "Good things to do to get people to look at your stuff." *EDIT* While a good title is key to getting someone to click your article when looking at it in the SERPS (search engine results pages), you need to make sure that your title has the keywords that you want your ads to target.

  4. Personalize your writing. Readers like reading stuff that is fun, personalized, and doesn't feel like their math textbook to read. Make your setences consise, to the point, and varried in length. Don't drone on and on about contrite garbage.

  5. Care about what you write. Pick topics that you find interesting when creating your content. Unless you're good at faking enthusiasm (without portraying unwanted sarcasm) don't pick uninteresting subjects. When you pick something you personally like you'll have a LOT more fun writing and your readers will have a lot more fun reading.

  6. Diversify and plan for future success. Sometimes when you post something, it may not be an immediate hit but sometimes an unforeseen event, movie's success, book release, etc., can occur and make something you posted before into an overnight success. When you throw all your eggs into one basket (when it comes to subject content) you could end up missing some major success when you talk about only one thing.

  7. Insane SEO work. Once you've finished creating whatever it was you thought was awesome, it's time to make sure that search engines and people know where it is. You could have the next MySpace success in your possession but if no one knows it exists you could end up losing out big time. Use sites like Digg, Stumbled Upon, and Yahoo! Buzz to announce your content to the world and give your work higher rankings on the search engines.
If you follow these steps I guarantee that you'll see some amazing results with your web career. People will read your articles more, share those articles with their friends more often, and will come back later to see what else you've read. So now that you've read what I had to say, go and do!