Advances in technology seem to be increasing at exponential rates. What just several years ago was considered cutting edge is often terribly antiquated today. While not all new gadgetry is better than the old, it's clear there is no stopping tech manufactures and engineers from working to improve upon their earlier models always finding new ways that revamp the old in order to stay fresh in the eyes of its consumers. We can see this in things such as Apple's iPod where they once where bulky and only offered with dull black text screens. Now a days there are iPods offering 160 GB, colored screens with games, and can even record videos.

What this 'Keeping up with the Joneses' mentality amounts to be a continual demand for new editions and better versions of products, demanding bigger, stronger, and faster products or services. As a business owner it's probably a good idea to keep up-to-date with the best technology available in your industry so your operations can be as efficient as possible. With that said, it behooves owners to really research new gadgets in order to make informed decisions before buying a bunch of equipment for the entire office. Just because something is new won't guarantee it's really an improvement. Many times products are rushed to into the market without adequate research and development forcing consumers to be left with a inferior product and possibly out of a lot of money.

Office copiers are just one of many supplies that have changed a lot just in the last decade. Digital copiers have become the standard with new features conducive to a 21st century office. These machines can now run color copies in less time than it used to run black and white and offer time saving options that may have your secretary sitting around with a little extra time on their hands. Whether it's an old copy machine, fax machine or laser printer, as a business owner it's your responsibility to safely dispose of your old office hardware.

Electronic waste has become a much more sensitive issue as the environmental movement continues to expand its efforts on awareness. E-waste can often be dropped off during community drives for free and is a responsible way to dispose of dangerous heavy metals and toxins sometimes found in these kinds of machines. Properly disposing of these materials is extremely important for our future as we know that unsafe disposal practices can lead to devastating circumstances in the future.