We'd all love thick, long hair that looks like you've just stepped straight off a Hollywood film set – well, at least I know I would. The problem with visiting a salon is that for most, it's too expensive - but their is an alternative for affordable hair extensions.

Extend-It hair extensions are a different kind of hair extension. Yes, they are clip in hair extensions, but they are made from 100% real hair, of the finest quality. The clips themselves are also guaranteed for life, making Extend-It extensions some of the finest on the market. They are of a quality which means they will grip even the finest hair, and are barely noticeable – there's no need for teasing hair to hide the evidence with Extend-It.

Extend It hair extensions come as a pack of 6 clip in hair extensions – these are double wefted, giving hair extra volume and reducing the need for multiple extensions to be added. Unlike other manufacturers, Extend It place a high volume of hair per extension clip, making it easy to get that thick, lustrous look you're after. An extra benefit is that unlike other clip in hair extensions, which are stripped and covered in silicone, Extend it are real hair extensions and are all natural, giving a completely real effect, and meaning that they can be styled and treated as regular hair, and also makes the Extend It real hair extensions much longer lasting than many of their competitors.

Typically, 2 of the real hair extensions are added to the back of the head, with 2 extensions on the left side and 2 more on the right. It's that easy! Each clip in hair extension has 3 clips to secure them - the middle one is fastened first by pressing down, then each side clip is fixed in place straight after.

The Extend It hair extensions come in 15 different colors, making it simple to match the extensions to your own hair color. And extend it are affordable hair extensions - Both 16" and 20" versions are available, and they currently retail at around $200 per set. It's worth checking the Extend-It blog, as they sometimes offer special deals on these prices - currently there is a '2 sets for the price of 1' offer.

Extend It Clip In Hair Extensions Care:

Extend It hair, because it is real, can be washed with regular shampoo, which should be added to a bath of water into which the extensions are added. Because the extensions do not sit directly on the scalp, they are less prone to oiliness than regular hair. A conditioning spray should be used and any knots combed out before washing.

Because they are made from real hair, Extend It hair extensions can be blow dried, straightened or curled as you do with your regular hair.

Of course, any clip in hair extensions need to be treated with some care – so be sure to take the time to brush regularly, store carefully and to apply a good conditioning spray from time to time to keep your hair extensions looking their best.

I think you'll agree - Extend It is the affordable hair extension alternative to salons that's well worth the money!

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