There is no denying that travelling can be an expensive, especially if you plan to visit many attractions, try a variety of unusual foods and pay to sleep in a comfy hotel for the duration of your stay. However does the experience need to be so costly?

As the ordinary person can spend a considerable amount of time and effort saving to afford such a trip, it is wise to suggest that we all find it important to per long their travel experience as long as possible. Xhelp could present the answer to making your available finances last longer while even enhancing your travelling experience.



What Xhelp Provides


Xhelp is essentially a system which helps to put travellers in touch with potential hosts from all over the world. I know the first time I discovered the site I was surprised to discover the degree of contacts which Xhelp provided from all areas of the world.  Hosts at xhelp place adverts/placement for volunteers to join and work with them or their businesses for an exchange of food and accommodation. Many of the work placements often involve outdoor work but there are also many hosts which ask for people to help in a hotel or to perform tasks around their home for example. Depending on the host some require 1 or 2 people for a short duration while others rely on many volunteers to carry out work at their farm or business. Each host has their own required working hours but a general rule is around 4 hours a day 5 days a week.


Host and Helper 

The helper has the choice to arrange the length of stay with the host, making it a very flexible option to fit into you travel schedule prior to arrival or during your trip. Therefore if you originally intend to stay with a host for 2 weeks and discover that you are having an enjoyable experience and they feel the same way of course it can easy to arrange to extend your stay at any one placement.

Being on an Xhelp placement puts you in contact with local people in the area and it great for breaking down the barrier between the major tourist areas and local, culture rich places. By living with local people it also provides the helper with a real cultural experience and can allow you the traveller to pick up lots of useful information about a particular place such a cheap places to buy food, drink and visit.


Registering With Xhelp


Once registered with Xhelp it will allow you to gain access to the contact information of an individual host, so that potential volunteers begin to arrange and plan a visit to their chosen destination.  Registration further allows you to view comments left by previous volunteers who have stayed at a particular placement, explaining whether they liked or disliked the host and their view on the overall experience.



If you are considering a travelling trip in the future I would strongly recommend checking out this organisation. Yes it would mean that may have to get up early and put in some hours of hard work but on the other hand you could be spending time in some fantastic  places while meeting a variety of new people much more existing than booking a tour guide.