Swimming pool owners can find their season to be distressingly short. In an effort to extend the season as long as possible, a pool heater may provide an attractive option. 

Swimming Pool Heaters

Heaters can be purchased for use with either above ground or in ground styles. They can be powered by natural gas, propane or solar power. Prices range widely, with the most expensive units costing several thousand dollars to solar-powered heaters priced at several hundred dollars. Different sized heaters are available to correspond with the size. 

Pool HeaterCredit: billjacobus1Credit: billjacobus1

For those who wish to dive into their pool as soon as it is open and not have to wait for the air and sunshine to heat the water, a pool heater can extend the swimming season. A heater can be a particularly attractive option for those living in northern climates. In these areas, the water will warm during the day  but nighttime temperatures often dip enough to lose any heat that may have accumulated. That means starting each day with a low temperature that must be raised. 

A heater can keep the water temperature at a constant comfortable level of between 78 and 80 degrees. This ensures that whenever one wants to exercise or simply enjoy a swim, the water is the right temperature. 

When a heater is used in conjunction with a solar cover, it is the most efficient. The cover ensures that the warmth is not lost into the air. 

Winter Covers

Winter pool covers are another necessity that every owner must consider. They come in a wide variety of materials and prices vary widely. Cost is largely determined by the durability of the materials, size, and the strength of the cover. Owners must consider the type of weather their pool will face when choosing the best cover. Some winter covers are specially designed with safety in mind, offering a strength that can withstand a child or household pet wandering onto them. 

Covers are designed to let winter chemicals work efficiently, keep out leaves and other debris including local wildlife, and protect the structure from winter weather damage. 

Size Matters

Both heaters and covers should be carefully chosen to fit the size and design of the structure. This will ensure that they deliver the results that are being sought. There are many choices, either online or at local stores. Thorough and comprehensive research will help consumers get the correct product to suit their needs.