Professionals traveling to Calgary, Alberta on business often obtain lodging in regular motels. These may be located anywhere in the city or even by the airport. For improved trips, check into an extended stay suite such as ones operated by an agency such as Premiere Executive Suites. Extended stay suites give you a bedroom, not a room with a bed. They give you furniture, full kitchens with dishes and quality amenities. In fact, you get many of the quality features that you might have in your own house, maybe more. Extended stay suites may even have laundry, housekeeping, an entertainment center and Internet. These can help save you time and money as well as give your productivity a boost. The ability to have quality relaxation opportunities while on business is very important to many travelers.

Calgary, Alberta is a major business destination for professionals working in the oil support industry. Many employees come to Calgary to perform project work for extended periods. Regular hotel rooms might be too noisy or located in less desireable areas. Catering to tourists, these facilities are likely to be near the airport or outside of the central business area. Many are right next to the freeways. Productivity aids are likely to be uncommon. Conversely, extended stay suites are usually located close to the downtown core, the C-Train lines or near parks.

While on a business trip, check out some of the attractions that Calgary has to offer. There are a lot of parks, biking and walking trails and great tourist attractions. Even business travelers have to have time to relax. Make sure you don't work all of the time. The extended stay suites give you the ability to separate professional activites from recreational ones. You can do work at the suite but you can also take advantage of the various extra features offered. You can maintain a regular routine when using an extended stay suite. This can improve both your health and productivity when traveling for business.

If you are in the city and you have access to a car, be sure to check out the great recreational activities to the west. Many beautiful sites can be found near Banff, Lake Louise and the Kananaskis area. Hiking, fishing and sightseeing are great summer persuits. Skiing, snow boarding and wildlife viewing are great in the winter. You'll see the Rocky Mountains while working in Calgary so do try to visit them to experience their majesty up close.

Business travelers to Calgary should remember that weather can be a major issue. Smart visitors will always be prepared for extremes. Warm clothes may be required even in the summer. Shorts may be useful in the winter. It changes very quickly too. Bring clothing that lets you adapt just as quickly. If you are prepared, you can take advantage of a lot of activities regardless of the weather. Bicycling from your extended stay suite to the downtown office can be done, even in the winter, with adequate planning. Don't be crazy, though. The weather must be respected for your safety.

Travelers to Calgary for business should consider extended stay suites. Many travelers have found them to be the best options that offer great locations, full features and prices that meet budget requirements. When you consider that productivity can be improved and that quality of life while on business is boosted, an extended stay suite may turn out to be the only option that ensures a successful working trip to Calgary.

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