Tweak Your Palm Pre for Extended Battery

If you recently picked up the Palm Pre from either Sprint or Bell, you are probably absolutely ecstatic about 99% of the phone features, except one…. the battery life.

The first few days I had my Pre I was experiencing less than 15 hours of battery life, all the while talking less than twenty minutes.

Since I received my Palm Pre I've found a few ways to tweak the phone to improve battery life. Also, WebOS 1.2 is supposed to come out any day now and aside from adding more functionality (and fixing syncing with iTunes 9) I'm hoping it comes with a few battery tweaks.

Anyways, here is 7 tweaks you can do to improve your battery life.

Palm Pre Mobile Phone1. Use Push Email

Change your email settings to use push email instead of polling ever 5/10/15 minutes. For some reason push email tends to use less battery power.

2. Log out of IM accounts when not chatting.

For some reason, using Google Talk or AIM on the Pre tends to use a ton of battery. When you aren't chatting, make sure you log out as staying connected tends to suck a lot of battery power.

3. Turn off the Geo Location features

If you really want to use all the features of the Palm Pre you will be reluctant to shut off your Geo location features, but you don't have to completely turn it off, just switch it so that it asks you prior to turning them on. This will save you tons of battery power.

4. Reduce the brightness of the Screen

Reducing the brightness will also dramatically reduce your power consumption. If you are planning on using the phone for a bit, feel free to turn it up, but for every day activities you probably don't need the screen at full brightness.

5. Charge the phone whenever you can

Ok, this one is blatantly obvious, but if you have multiple charging devices ensure you charge your phone as frequently as possible. I picked up a car charger yesterday and am working on getting a Touchstone ASAP. Whenever I'm near a charger, I plug my Pre in. I know you aren't always near a charger, but when you are, get in the habit of plugging it in.

6. Avoid heavy media usage

If you know you are going to be away from a charger for awhile, avoid watching Youtube, videos or listening to music. Sure they are all great features on the phone, but they are also energy hogs. If you can't get to a charger for more than 5-10 hours, try to use the media functions as little as possible.

Palm Pre Battery7. Buy an extra battery

Yea, they aren't cheap, but if you really need to have prolonged periods of time away from a charger and want to take advantage of all the Palm Pre features, do yourself a favour and invest in a second or third battery. If you kill a batter during the day, toss your backup in and stop worrying about having your phone run out of juice!

All in all, there are probably a half dozen other ways to get more battery life out of your Palm pre, but the above mentioned ways are the quickest and easiest fixes. It is unfortunate that processor and electronics technology is progressing faster than battery technology. Hopefully in the near future, somebody can make a giant batter breakthrough and we can continue to have our devices get more powerful while simultaneously being able to last for days without charging. Until then, we're stuck tweaking our gear!