Patio fabric can really add a designer look to your space. You might just think of fabric as one of the staples of interior design, which it is. It might seem a little bit impractical for outside but you probably already have some form of fabric out there and you just haven't really given it a lot of thought. Patio fabric adds softness and a cohesive design style as well as color. You can make it work within a theme or just use it as a way to freshen things up. Here are a few tips for this kind of decorating.

Sometimes this fabric can seem a little bit heavy and even uncomfortable. You might even have trouble sewing it together. You may be craving more of a lighter look. In a lot of the garden design magazines you may really be impressed at the initial impact. In fact you might be so impressed that you never stop to think that this area was probably carefully staged and then put back inside. Ihen you just feel bad that you don't have the designer look when even the designers don't have the designer look. Instead you could replicate this on a smaller scale. You could just bring out a few throw pillows for a settee when you're having a party and then take them back inside.

You can also use this material to add feminine softness while hiding defects. Consider a table cloth for the patio table. This will make it feel more like a high end restaurant and you can really play around with color. You'll see this in a lot of the home magazines but it just won't register as something you can do yourself just because you are so focused on the big picture. Instead, trying making smaller little changes at first. This can be budget friendly and can also help you gain momentum and confidence in your own diy skills. Of course if you are planning on leaving the fabric out for long periods of time it needs to be water proof. Since it is such a small project you can try a fun color like a sunny yellow or daring red.

Another option for this would be to go for a canopy. This can provide shade or just a little extra sense of style. It's really an opportunity to bring in a designer look on a budget. This can be romantic or modern. It can also add a tropical vibe to your space depending on how you style the rest of the patio. This will really be the focal point of your garden and it can make up for a lot of different design options. Plus, when you get tired of that you can just take it down.

You might be wondering what color or pattern to choose. You could just to compliment your exterior house paint color. You can bring out the colors of your favorite blossoms or flowers such as red or pink. You can also go in a more daring and modern direction by going with a lime green or orange. You could even use it as part of a bigger design scheme where you really bring a theme into your garden. Often times you'll find water resistant fabrics in either solid colors or stripes. Stripes can look nautical or beachy. You can always mix-and-match different solid colors in order to create a unique color, just bring out different tones from the stone or the exterior of your home.

This fabric be a little bit more expensive than what you are used to using on the interior of your home. This is why it's important to make it design choices because you may have to use pieces for several years. You also really want to take advantage of things by making sure that you'll find simple fabrics that make an impact at the same time. It should be neutral enough to work with several different design styles. You'll also want to keep in mind that the colors of your garden will change throughout the year. You really want to consider whether you have a lot of trees or flowers. This will probably mean that you want to go with more of a neutral color fabric that will match everything so it doesn't really distract from the beautiful greenery. This really means that you'll end up with a more balanced space. You also want to keep in mind that you can make give this material a longer life just by taking care of it. You'll need to clean it regularly and it might not be suited for all climates and weather conditions so you might want to bring it in for part of the year.

Just bringing in the right outdoor fabric can really a new sense of style to your space for a diy patio. It can really change the entire atmosphere and it is quite inexpensive. If you doubt this than just look out at your aged patio cushions and consider how they make you feel. It might really drag you down and totally change how you feel about the entire backyard. This is an area where you can really experiment with color. Since its outside you may find that you make a lot of more daring design choices than you would in the interior of your home. This can be a chance to have a lot of fun and experiment with color and pattern.

When you buy ready made cushions from the store the fabric can be quite conventional. It might be something that you see in every backyard and you may only have one or two choices per color. By having your cushions made or just by doing a few simple sewing projects you can really widen your range of options. You can bring in a lot of contrast to make your old patio set feel new and fun just by going with a neon polka dot print. This can seem quite contemporary and is something different than what you are seeing in everyone else's yard. It seemed cheerful and gives you a lot of color and a contemporary feel, because it's very geometric. It's a print that can be appreciated both by kids and adults.

There are a few themes that are really used a lot in this kind of decorating. That's because they are tried and true and they really make sense. You might want to go with a tropical motif because you are decorating outside after all. However in this case it's really important to find a custom fabric just because then it will be unconventional and you can get your own take on it. You can just change up the background of the leaves or the general shape and artistry of the piece to really get a high end of look even if it is the same kind of thing that a lot of people have in their backyard.