Don't Spend a Fortune on an Exterminator Before Trying These Great Methods

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When it comes to a vermin infestation, the sounds of scampering feet through a home can be extremely annoying, which means you are starting to consider the best ways to get rid of rats and mice from your home. Having vermin in your home's walls, floors, and attic can be more than annoying - it can be a severe health hazard and can even be a dangerous situation. Rats and mice are known for chewing through wires and causing water leaks, fires, and even electrical surges, and of course there is the health hazard of their feces being all over the place or the diseases their fleas can carry. If you are dealing with a vermin problem right now, don't spend a fortunate on an exterminator without trying some of these methods first.


First You've Got to Eliminate Food Sources & Entry Points

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When it comes to the best ways to get rid of rats and mice, one of the most effective ways is to eliminate their food sources and their means of getting in and out of your home. You can start by tightly covering your trash can lids, especially if you dispose of food wastes regularly. If you have pets, feed them at regular times and then pick up the food when they are done and put it back away. And if you compost, make sure that your compost isn't out in the open and that you are not utilizing proteins in your compost. Using rodent proof containers whenever you can.


When it comes to entry points, if you can stick your finger through the opening, then a mouse can get in. Once a mouse can get in, a rat can also get in. Rather than institute guard cats at every location in your home, it makes more sense to seal off these openings. Make sure that your drains all have covers on them. If you have openings to the outside of your home, utilize caulk to seal these off rather than things like instant foam. Larger openings like vent holes can be sealed off with 1/4 inch wire mesh.


Taking care of these chores is the first step to getting rid of rats without an exterminator, as well as mice. 


Nothing Is More Effective Than the Tried and True Trap

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When it comes to the best ways to get rid of rats and mice, nothing beats the tried and true method of trapping them. Whether you use a snap trap that kills them instantly or utilize a humane trap that will allow you to move the rat or mouse off your property, there is nothing more effective than utilizing this method.

First you must place the trap near where you have seen the vermin droppings. You must also secure the trap in a way that will not allow the critter to drag it off with them and put it in a place where no human will accidentally get into it. A blank trap isn't going to catch anything but the most stupid of rats or mice, so you're going to need to bait it with something as well. Peanut butter works well, as does potato, apple, or even raw bacon. Then simply wait and check the traps regularly. This is an effective means of getting rid of rats without an exterminator, as well as mice.


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Should I Use Poison?

Even though poison is an effective means at eliminating vermin, it actually isn't one of the best wears to get rid of rats and mice. That's because poison isn't fast acting. After a rat or a mouse eats the poisoned bait, it will run off somewhere and then eventually die. These locations can often be between floors or behind walls, and then you either have a terrible smell with which you have to live with from a decomposing corpse or you have to tear up the flooring or the wall to reach the dead critter, incurring additional expenses. Then you have the safety concerns of pets or kids getting into the bait stations, even if they're covered.


If you feel that you must use poisons, use them outside only and only after you've sealed off your home. Then place the poison bait stations where you see mouse and rat activity.


They're In My Attic - What Should I Do?

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If you need to get rid of rats and mice in your attic, one of the most unique ways to get rid of those pesky critters is to install a high intensity strobe light. These animals have generally very poor eyesight except in darkened areas. That's why they thrive in these locations. When you install a high intensity strobe light in your attic, you are causing physical discomfort to the animals because it affects their eyesight. It literally makes them want to leave that area of your home for good, and you do it in a non-lethal way.


Another effective non-lethal means of repelling the rodents is to utilize an odor-based repellent. You simply sprinkle the granules, dust, or whatever form the repellent comes in around the affected area of your home, and in this case the attack. The smell bothers the animals and they do not come into that area.


The bottom line, however, is this - there simply is no better method of getting rid of unwanted rats and mice than trapping them and then either disposing of the bodies or taking them off of your property in a great enough distance where they cannot find their way back. By taking these steps, not only can you avoid the costs of having to use an exterminator, who will likely end up just trapping the rodents anyway, but you will also be making your home be pest free. Following the best ways to get rid of rats and mice is simply, easy, and effective - start today and start living your life rodent free once more.