As soon as Thanksgiving has helped us consume the turkey and luscious dinner preparations, we know Christmas is around the corner. You could be just needing a little extra money this year for your purchases and I have unique suggestions to fill that cash void.

Suggestion #1

Many department stores put on extra help during the peek times that shoppers are expected. To sell oneself is not difficult since the stores are looking for the added staff to take care of Christmas surges. If a part time job can help you, maybe suggesting you wrap purchases for the customers is just the job to put extra money in the holidays for you. This could be a dual assistive action for the store as well as you.

Personally visit each of the local stores where you generally shop for items. Cheerfully, with a friendly way, ask to make an appointment with the supervisor in charge of hiring temporary help. When you get that appointment, suggest this idea with some selling points on your own behalf. May I recommend stating the following:

1. Will be on call with 2 hours notice if there is a sudden surge of customers needing your wrapping services.

2. Experience of wrapping packages for the number of years you have been taking care of that in your home.

3. Expert at picking out colors of ribbon and paper that coordinate well together.

4. Enjoy people interaction on the level this job will offer.

5. Dependable, reliable and prompt are traits you own.

6. Tell the supervisor you are talking with, that you need the work.

7. A short blurb on this wrapping of presents, being a great customer advantage is good to state.

If you do not happen to get a call back for an appointment, don't give up. Too often, owners, managers and supervisors get side tracked and do not return the call you might be hoping to receive. If, in 2 days, you do not hear back, call or again go to the store and ask for the response to hire you for wrapping gifts for the customers at holiday time.

Suggestion #2

There might be a consideration for a florist to put on extra delivery people for bouquets for the holidays. Visit local floral shops and offer your servcies for deliveries.