Extra large Breast implants are now more popular than ever. A lot of women who are striving to succeed as a celebrity are reverting to boosting their breast size to increase their confidence or their pay check. In this article , we have a look at the procedure, the costs and the dangers of having extra large breast implants.


Typically, silicone cannot be used in extra large breast implants. When inserting breast implants of such a large size, the skin needs time to stretch and adjust. Therefore Saline is used and a value is opened over several appointments so that the breast can be enlarged gradually without cutting them open again.


The cost will vary depending on which surgeon is used to perform the operation. The average cost for the full procedure from consultation to being signed off can range from between 3000 to 5000 dollars. There are some surgeons who offer the procedure for next to nothing and their working practices should be questioned to make sure they are not cutting costs and endangering the lives of their patients.


There are many dangers in any breast enlargements, whether it is extra large or of a normal size. The added dangers of going extra big are back pain. This can increase over the years and the body can struggle to adapt and cope with the pain.

If the saline is not inserted correctly, than the skin can stretch to the point where it appears distorted and thin. Any woman extending her breast size to the point of extra large will also find she is hampered in day-to-day life.

She will also find great difficulty in completing in sports activities like running or swimming. A minor hindrance will be the fact that finding clothes will be extremely difficult and she may even have to revert to a tailor or specialist stockist.

Perhaps the biggest danger is the physiological effect. Extra large breasts are still class as being freakish by the normal every day man on the street. People will stare and they will make comments. Extra large breasts will gain more attention than ever before however a lot of the time, that attention will not be wanted. Most women who have extra large breasts end up getting them removed.

Overall extra large breasts are not something that is willing to be accepted by everyday society. Combine this with the cost, the procedure and the other hindrances and any women has to be 100% certain before she goes to the length of extending her breast to an extra large size.