Whether you’re a teacher or someone that works in an office environment, there is a good chance that you have a ton of coffee mugs somewhere in your cupboards! Some of those mugs may have funny saying on them, others may even have cool designs on them, but I am going to focus on the SIZE of the mugs throughout this article.

How many extra large coffee mugs do you have in your cupboards?

These are the types of cups that are really wide, and unbelievably tall; they should basically hold enough coffee to last you for an entire day.

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Jumbo Soup And Latte Mugs

Imagine this: you head on over to your favourite coffee shop and ask the waitress for a latte with 2 sugars in it. She brings it to you in this massive mug that can be used to hold enough soup for an entire meal!

The absolute truth of the matter is that coffee shops and restaurants serve lattes in extra large coffee mugs that also serve as soup bowls. This has become the standard over the last 10 years, and has really made an impact on the coffee industry.

Think about this question for a second: Do you ever plan on serving someone a latte in your home?

If you answered yes to it, then you should definitely make sure that you have a French press and some big latte mugs in your cupboards. The French press will be used to foam the milk (put some warm milk inside of it and pump the lever), and the latte mug will be used to serve the coffee to your guest. The most amazing thing about them is the fact that they can also be used to serve soup.

You should definitely check out the selection of large soup and latte mugs on Amazon, as I’m sure that you’ll find something that fits your budget.

Extra Large Glass Coffee Mugs

Some people think of glass mugs as being a fad that went around during the 1980’s; however, they couldn’t be more popular in today’s society. Glass mugs allow you to see the liquid that is being held inside of the cup, so presentation is an absolute must when using them.

Nobody wants to look through a glass mug and see a disastrous mix of coffee and milk with sugar sitting at the bottom. With that being said, you must stir the sugar until it completely dissolves for the best effect in these glass mugs.

You should also note that the glass will inherit the temperature of the liquid that is inside of it, so a handle on the mug is an absolute must! The last thing that you want is for one of your guests to burn their hands because they were grabbing one of your extra large glass coffee mugs with a boiling hot beverage inside of it!

These kinds of mugs are always much cheaper than you would expect, so be sure to check them out on Amazon to see if their price range suits your budget.

Pottery Coffee Mugs That Are Extra Large

Every homeowner chooses to display artwork on the walls of their house; however, there are very few homeowners that choose to incorporate artwork into their dishware collection!

Have you ever thought of purchasing extra large coffee mugs that were made as pottery?

Pottery mugs are growing in popularity, and are beginning to become an absolute hit at many coffee shops and restaurants. Pottery makers create these mugs, and then design them with a wide variety of colors and patterns. They then put these mugs into the oven to bake the paint on, and sell them in stores and through online retailers.

Bringing one of these mugs to the table will definitely spark some conversation with your guests, so they can be direly important to use during those awkward moments when the conversation runs dry. However, the most fantastic thing about these pottery mugs is the simple fact that each one is completely unique. They are not mass-produced like some of the plain mugs that you can buy in the stores. Two pottery ones may look similar, but no two will be intentionally identical.

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Extra large coffee mugs shouldn’t be the only type of kitchenware that you have in your cupboards, but you should definitely have at least a few. They will make your guests feel like kings and queens, and can also double up as serving dishes for soup when someone in the house is sick.

These larger-than-usual mugs don’t cost much more, but allow you to pour nearly twice as much coffee in them as their regular sized alternatives! Make your choice from one of the styles that was listed above, and you will surely have your guests in awe!