If you are upgrading your bathroom, you may want to consider extra long fabric shower curtains for your space. 

Unless you are going with a glass door, (which is nice but very expensive) you will need a good curtain.  The problem is, many of the standard sized ones, which is usually 72 inches wide by 74 inches in length are limiting.

If you have decided to go with a rain style shower head, or maybe you are tall and you want to have a higher shower head installed, then unless you want water all over the place, you need to extend the length of the curtain.

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Eforcurtain Extra Long Striped Mildew-Free Water-Repellent Fabric Shower Curtain,Grey/gray White (72-inch by 78-inch)
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(price as of Dec 23, 2016)
there are some gorgeous patterns.

You can find these in a 84 inches length.  This gives you that extra 12 inches of height.  You can sometimes get them even longer (or taller depending on how you look at it) at 96 inches long. 

By getting an outer one, and then adding a plastic liner one, you will get the protection you need for the rest of your bathroom.  Having a double system is a great way to keep the water in the tub enclosure and not on the floor.  Use the outer one for your decorative accents as well as extra protection.

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InterDesign X-Long Shower Curtain Liner, Clear
Amazon Price: $9.06 $8.79 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 23, 2016)

But many of the treated shower curtains, are fast drying, water resistant and can be used alone.  But if you are having to put towels everywhere before you have that shower, because you have upgraded your bathroom to accommodate higher ceilings, or a higher water supply, then you are going to need the curtain rail up higher, and now you need the extra length in the curtain.  You don’t want it barely touching the ledge or tub.

extra long shower curtainCredit: amazon.com

You can also get snap in liners, or you can purchase a double rail, or you can simply put them together and have the liner on the inside and the fabric one on the outside.  Make a bold statement with this black and white striped curtain.  Add some black and white towels, mats and accessories and have some fun personalizing it.  I like the idea of this extra length which I would use at the top end.  As a tall personal it doesn't take much to have water splashing over the top of the rail, so this is where I would use the extra length.

You can find these in great patterns this year.  Designers have worked hard on really cool designs to accent your bathroom, everything from ultra modern to ultra retro.  By having the longer curtains, you can really add pizzaz to your bathroom.

extra long shower curtainCredit: amazon.com

You can also get hookless fabric shower curtains if you would prefer that setup, and you will find them in extra long as well.

Your curtain can make quite a statement in your bathroom, and if yours is extra long, even more so.  Get linens to match and by having a longer curtain, not only will it match your setup, but it will save your floor from water and splashing that you will get if your curtains barely covers the edge of the enclosure or tub or if the people who use the shower are much taller which can create splashing from above as well. 

Gain that extra few inches in height with your curtains, and then get that cool large rain style  head for your new bathroom, and enjoy your shower again, without having to clean up the floor afterwards.

You can purchase these at most home improvement stores, or bathroom supply stores or many decorating stores, but you can find a large variety online at such sites as Amazon.  If for nothing else, searching online is a great way to get loads of ideas for decorating or personalizing your space.

Shopping online is a great way to a huge variety of patterns, styles and colours.  Just don’t forget to check the length.  Extra long is 84 inches and longer.  Have fun shopping and protect your floor from unwanted water.