Being tall definitely has its benefits; however, being able to completely lay down and fit on a yoga mat is definitely not one of them. There are very few companies that sell extra long yoga mats; however, anybody that is taller than 6 feet in height will definitely have to buy one if they do not want to be doing their poses on the floor.

Most yoga companies will produce the majority of their mats and accessories for the average height and weight person; however, there are a few companies that have chosen to manufacture extra long yoga mats that are meant for taller people, and individuals that attend private yoga lessons. Throughout this article you will find various examples of yoga mats that are long enough for people that are up to 7 feet tall! In addition, you will discover a few of the benefits of buying these specific types of mats.

You Will Notice That Extra Long Yoga Mats Don’t Cost More Than The Mats That Are Regular Length

A rule of thumb when it comes to producing products for retail stores is that a higher production cost translates to a higher product price for the consumer. It is easy to understand that more material in a yoga mat or accessory means  a higher production cost for the manufacturer; however, extra long yoga mats do not cost more than the mats that are regular length.

I am not completely sure why this is, but I think that it is along the same lines of the reason that XXL t-shirts cost the same as small t-shirts.

These Longer Mats Range From 75 Inches To 84 Inches

One may be wondering how much longer these extra long yoga mats are than the average mat. The answer to that question is simple: a regular yoga mat is about 69 inches long, and these extra long models range from 75-84 inches in length.

The longest yoga mat that I have seen thusfar is sold on Amazon for about $40, and is made by a company called YogaAccessories. This 84 inch yoga mat will comfortably fit people that are up to 7 feet tall, without any worries of them overstepping the boundaries of the mat.

YogaAccessories Has The Some Of The Cheapest Extra Long Yoga Mats-Only $19 On Amazon!

I have spoken about the Yoga Accessories company throughout the previous paragraph, and how they offer a yoga mat that is 84 inches long; however, this may be a little bit too long for some individuals. After all, it is very rare that a person is 7 feet tall; nonetheless, even rarer that the 7 foot tall person will want to practice yoga poses.

Yoga Accessories also sells many extra long yoga mats that are 75 inches long, which is more reasonable for the slightly taller than average person. The most amazing thing about these specific mats that Yoga Accessories has produced is that they are cheaper than the regular length ones that are being sold by other companies! I believe that Yoga Accessories has the power to sell their mats for such cheap prices because they do not spend much money on brand promotion. Moreover, those saved costs get pushed forward onto their product prices, which translate to being the cheapest yoga mats on the market!

You Should Consider Some Extra Long And Extra Wide Mats If You Receive Private Lessons Or Have The Available Space

I can definitely tell you from past experience that many yoga instructors will not appreciate the fact that your mat is nearly taking up enough space for two people to fit in. Most yoga studios are designed in a way to allow two rows of 69 inch yoga mats to be comfortably housed, and even reserve the space for an adjacent row of 3-4 mats if they are really squeezed together. In addition, most yoga studios are run on a first come, first served basis, and the other yoga students will probably be pretty ticked off at the fact that you took their “could have been” spot!

I would only recommend buying some extra long and extra wide yoga mats if you are receiving private yoga lessons or you have are doing the yoga poses in the comfort of your own home. With that being said, you should be sure to take a look at the extra wide and long yoga mat that is offered by Yoga Accessories for only $30 on Amazon; it is 3 feet wide and nearly 7 feet long!

With all of the above points in mind, there is a time and place for the use of extra long yoga mats. It is not that a person that is 6 feet 5 inches tall cannot fit onto a 69 inch yoga mat; however, it is a matter of feeling comfortable throughout the practice!