The good, the bad, the ugly. Could be the name of a movie. However, in this case, it relates to your trips to the mountains doing one of your favorite things: hunting! You've heard the old saying: “up a creek without a paddle.” For years you’ve been going hunting with your dad or a close friend and roughing the elements without a cover over your head unless you count the sky and stars at night.

Oh sure, that sleeping bag by a warm fire worked great when you were 16 years old and didn’t know any better. Now, look at you. You're older, wiser.....well, hold it! Maybe not wiser. Why? Because you're still sleeping in that zip-up bag of cloth on cold, wet ground, wearing two pairs of warm socks, four shirts, a jacket and hooded sweat shirt. And at night those things you feel crawling up your sleeping bag and around your head are not two girls sent out from Victoria's Secret feeling around with their fingers, they're ugly little creatures called bugs.

Maybe it's time to consider looking into extra small hunting cabins; you know, those pre built cabin kits you can design yourself, have built in a factory, then shipped to your site for final assembly. Yes, I know. That word assembly has an ominous tone. Especially to many of us, me included, who can't even put a childs Mickey Mouse puzzle together without help from a six year old. However, the good news is those extra small hunting cabins, like most pre built mini cabins, require no sawing or drilling to finish the assembly. Actually, there is no cranes or any other type of heavy equipment needed at all. The pre built panel concept is way ahead of its time. Whatever you need, be it low price hunting cabins, extra small hunting cabins or easy to build small cabins, it's available and priced just right for your budget. When the product is dropped on your property site and you start your assembly, you'll quickly notice how easy it is to install the siding, paneling and doors; even the insulation. The trims are also pre cut.

Most of the small hunting cabins are 12 or 16 feet wide with log siding wall panels. The roof pitch can be 6/12 or 12/12 to give the finished product an open beam cathedral ceiling elegance. This is good stuff, folks. One thing I did notice, since many readers will be placing these hunting cabins in areas where temperatures may drop below the 30 degree mark, is that insulation is already installed. That eliminates having Uncle Fred deliver 20 boxes of old New York Times newspapers to use as insulation. Too bad. That would have given him something to do. 

Going online to search for information on types of pre built cabins is the best option to consider. This way you'll be able to compare models, prices and options. Just remember that all kits do not come with floor or any foundations including concrete. I knew that!