Kids of all ages tend to love two things over nearly every other aspect of their lives: to have fun and to be entertained. That is part of what makes childhood such a fantastic part of life. The following boys birthday party ideas will aid you in creating a fanciful event that delights both children and adults alike.

Deciding upon a theme prior to designing or purchasing anything is common practice. This will set the mood of the event and help you plan the next stages of the party, which include decorations, activities and even the culinary delights. There are no rules or limits on what you decide to base your party on.

It makes it easier to figure out a comprehensive theme when you make a written list of what the birthday boy enjoys. Suggestions to start with are the obvious such as his favorite cartoon, movie and video game characters -- human, animal or otherwise. Then you can add favorites from books and magazines also.

Jot down a few of his favorite activities and hobbies as well such as soccer or science or reading. Include on the register favorite items also if he has one or two that he absolutely loves such as dogs or dinosaurs. Adding to this record his favorite color and food items helps make a well rounded event plan.

A tip with what to do with this list after it is made, is to keep it in a safe place all year long and add or delete items as his interests and tastes change.

Then when a family member or friend inquires about what he likes because they wish to buy him a gift or make something special for him, the thought process of figuring out what would be appropriate for him is already done.

After the record is complete, scan it for the top one or two items you believe he and his party guests will enjoy the most. Also for what would make really fun visuals for the event. Think about how you will be creating the party decorations and meals.

Will you be making them all by hand yourself? Or will you be visiting your local party planning store and purchasing commercially made products. The likelihood that you can make items based on your chosen theme(s) and the chances of the availability of ready made products need to be taken into consideration as you decide what to do.

Once your decision is made you can then plan your decorations, games, party favors and even food and treat items all based around this conclusion. An example would be that the birthday boy's favorite color is red and he is crazy about dinosaurs.

You can accent the whole event with all things red such as invitations, napkins and icing on his cake. Add to the fun by inviting guests, yourself included, to wear all of their favorite red clothing items the day of the party.

Some of the red party items can then be endowed with the addition of dinosaurs. Place pictures of them on red stringers hanging across the ceiling and glue little plastic ones atop red party hats.

To add to the boys birthday party ideas and make it a truly exciting event for all, dinosaur games can be made up such as pin the horn on the triceratops instead of a donkey, and snack items can include food shaped like big leaves with twigs and seeds on them that the herbivores ate with food shape like lizards and bugs that the carnivorous dinosaurs ate. These tips will help you fulfill the kids and adults desires to have fun and be entertained.