If there’s one thing that many long time diabetics know is that diabetes can wreak havoc on your feet.  Diabetic foot complications such neuropathy of the feet, diabetic foot ulcers, and poor circulation in the feet are all common foot problems that diabetics have to contend with.  Everyone knows that diabetics often have foot amputations but do you know why.  Usually it’s because neuropathy makes it easy for you to cut your feet without knowing about it and poor circulation in the area makes it hard for your body to heal the wound and fight infection.

Extra Wide Walking Shoes For MenSo what does all of this have to do with extra wide, extra deep shoes?  And why would diabetics want to buy extra deep shoes in the first place.  In short deep depth shoes for diabetics are helpful because they allow more room in the shoe for a diabetic to use a custom fit diabetic insole.  These inserts into shoes are often wide and deep and take up a lot of room but if you can find a shoe which is large enough o accommodate their size they can alleviate many circulation impedances and help protect the foot against irritation, rubbing, or abrasion much more effectively.

Extra Deep Diabetic Shoes

Velcro Diabetic Depth ShoesMany diabetic shoe brands make plenty of quality shoes of all types and kinds.  Not only can you buy special socks for diabetics but the best shoes for diabetics can be purchased in athletic shoe styles, work shoe styles, or even house shoe styles.  In fact the best course of action you can take is to buy diabetic shoes of all kinds for each area of your life.  You need to adequately protect your feet out of the house on your day job but you also need to protect them in the home.  You can do this by buying extra wide diabetic slippers for use in the home but you also need each of your outdoor shoes to be big enough to accommodate the size of a well made diabetic foot insert.

Exta Wide Diabetic SlippersA few good shoes for diabetics to buy include shoes by Propet as they are relatively affordable compared to their competitors shoes.  You should also look to Dr. Scholls diabetic shoes too as they have many complimentary products like custom inserts which may be perfect for stuffing into your extra deep shoes.  The fact of the matter is that when diabetics have feet which are prone to injury and tough to heal it is important to get the fit perfect and the best way to do that is to get custom inserts.  You simply need deep depth diabetic shoes and wide shoes to fit these inserts comfortably.

The cost of these specialty shoes iss till going to be a sticker shock to many people on a tight budget but they cost is definitely worth it as they can keep you mobile and limit other costly health problems that may arise down the road.  Another perk however is that many diabetic shoes are covered by Medicare so your cost may be subsidized in you meet certain restrictions. 

Diabetic Dress ShoesYou will of course have to see your doctor and get a prescription and meet the other Medicare guidelines but the cost and trouble will be worth it.  Just imagine not being able to be mobile because your foot injuries get to severe.  That would make it very difficult for you to effectiovely manage your blood sugar with exercise.  Accept the costs for what they are, you will appreciate it down the road.