Decorating with extra wide plank laminate flooring is an affordable way to create instant beauty to your floors.

If you like the look of hardwood and especially like the look of the wider plank woods, then you don’t have to discount the idea of laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring has been around a long time, and in the beginning it was hard to get it to look realistic, but the affordability made it sell fast as it was a cheaper way to beautify any floor and especially the basement.

With laminate floors, you are getting a material made from moisture resistant high density fibre that simply clicks together there is no need for glue or special tools other than a saw to cut it to length.

You roll out a moisture barrier directly onto your floor and then you simply add your laminate flooring pieces, following the directions on the package.  There are even many videos on You tube that can help you out.

As nice as a well installed hardwood floor can be, it can cost a lot of money and depending on the wood you choose may not be as durable as you would think.  But many people just don’t like the look and feel of the laminate floorings that are on the market.

But maybe this year, you should take another look at these products.  They have come a long way from their beginnings and you can now get extra wide plank laminate flooring that looks just like the wider barn boards for that rustic look or the larger grained woods that look best in a wider plank.

They are more realistic in looks than they once were, and can be installed as a DIY project by the homeowner, therefore saving a lot of money on installation.  As a large dog owner, I can truly say that my laminate flooring that we installed 9 years ago, still looks just as good as it did the day we installed it. 

It is tough and resists scratches.  My dogs run around the house, and they have not managed to damage the laminate.  Whereas my sister in law installed a softer hardwood and has had to have her real wood flooring refinished twice because of her dogs.  Something to consider when you are planning your flooring needs for your home.

You can get narrow pieces that look like the older oak floors and you can get the extra wide plank laminate that shows off more of the wood grain.  It all depends of course on your décor ideas for your rooms.


15mm Thicker Pieces - Many people are not thrilled with the feel of laminate flooring under their feet, and would prefer the feel of the real hardwood.  Well now you can get laminate flooring in the extra wide planks that is thicker.  It is 15mm (about ½ inch) which can be similar to the hardwood planks. 

This will give the feel of a hardwood floor as there is no “give” or softness with this thicker version.  You still get the great look of the hardwood floor and the feel but without the price tag attached.

These laminate floors have been engineered to resist moisture and have become a popular choice for basements.  As long as the subfloor you are installing over is not actively wet, and the floor is even, you can install the moisture resistant barrier out right onto the floor and then the laminate planks.

The beauty of using snap together laminate planks, is that it is basically a floating floor.  You can remove it at any time.  Many people who are long term renters will use this product as it can be taken back up when you move, plus it is an affordable option for a worn out floor.

Install over Tile – Did you know that many of the extra wide plank laminate flooring pieces can be installed right over a tiled floor?  You don’t need to dig up the tiles, which can be a horrible and messy chore.

There are a few rules to follow, in that the floor cannot be sagging or some tiles higher than others, as this indicates a problem with the subfloor and will need to be addressed first before you replace that floor with any new product.

But if you maybe have just purchased a house and money is tight, but you have some horrible bright green tiles in the hallway, then this would be the perfect product to install right over the tiles to instantly beautify your space for a fraction of the cost of trying to replace the tiles.

As long as the tiles are clean and any loose debris is swept up and they are dry, you can then roll out the barrier right over the tiles to hold your new laminate floor pieces, then clip them together. 

Once you have measured and have that first row in, the rest go very fast, especially if you are installing extra wide plank laminate flooring, it will go very fast.

The Essential Guide to Laminate Floors

You can get all styles of laminates at most home improvement stores, and many will also sell or lend a video to help you understand how to install this type of flooring.  It is obviously installed differently than typical hardwood.

Installs Fast - Once your area is clean and ready to go, you can install a large room such as a basement wreck room in an afternoon and be moving your area rugs and carpets onto it in the evening.

You can also install in floor heating under laminate floors, which many people don’t realize.  So, this type of flooring should be considered for your home especially if your budget is tight.  It can be a lot cheaper than hardwood and even installed carpets, so take a look at the styles that are on the market now.

Since laminate flooring is thinner than hardwood you won’t have the construction of having to raise baseboards much higher or doorways to consider, unless of course you go for the thicker laminate.  These are things you need to consider, but for the cost, these types of plank laminate floors look great and are tough.