Extra wide plank laminate flooring is a great option to keep in mind as you look to build a home or remodel the one you already own.  It is a very versatile option and installation is possible for anyone with a DIY attitude and relatively minimal carpentry skills.  In this article, I would like to share with you some of the positive and negative aspects of purchasing this type of flooring, along with some information about pricing, installation, and shopping for extra wide plank laminate.


Popular Manufacturers of Wide Plank Laminate Flooring

There are too many manufacturers to list, but the following are some of the brands you might want to check out.  Some are cheap, but some are more expensive than others, so be sure to compare prices.

Pergo:  The most well-known and given credit for the ‘click’ style of laminate flooring.  They provide a good warranty and quality product.

DuPont:  They don’t just make pots and pans; they also make a great style of planking for homes.  You will find their prices are a little higher, but the quality is very good.

American Duet:  Less expensive 8mm laminate flooring planking is there specialty at affordable prices.

Armstrong:  You will find just about any style and size you could possibly want from this maker.  Prices vary, but they provide a good product for consumers.

Mohawk:  Complete with a great warranty, you can buy from a respected and known company.  You will get quality material for your remodel or building project from this maker.

Toklo:  They have many different 12mm laminate flooring boards and styles to choose from.  Prices are not very expensive compared to many others.


American Duet 8mm Vintage Pine Wide Laminate
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(price as of Jul 17, 2013)

Installing Extra Wide Laminate Floor Boards

This will not be a complete article on installing laminate flooring.  This is simply a basic overview, so you can get a feel of whether or not you can do this yourself. 

Subfloor Prep:  You might not need much of any prep work.  For the most part, you can install this directly over vinyl, tile, and hardwood.  You should not install a second layer over the top of a prior laminate floor.  The subfloor should be sturdy and free of debris.  Trim boards might have to be removed.

Underlayment:  You will generally need to add an underlayment pad before you can install most extra wide plank laminate flooring.  You lay this first and put the boards over the top.  The underlayment must cover the entire floor.

Beginning the Process:  The floating floor will generally click or snap together, although tongue and groove laminate flooring that needs to be glued is still out there.  You will need to decide whether you want to install them the long or short way of the room. 

Cutting Pieces:  You will have unusable waste and it cannot be avoided.  You will have to cut some pieces to fit properly.  Most manufacturers suggesting about a ¼” gap around all walls to allow for swelling from humidity. 

Reinstall Trim:  You will most likely have to do a little work with the floor trim.  Some use ¼ round trim and others will just reuse whatever they had on hand and installed prior to installing the extra wide laminate flooring.

How Much Does it Cost?

There is no set answer.  Some of the very wide laminate flooring planks will be cheap, sometimes for around 1 dollar per square foot, but that’s not going to be the normal price.  Most will run anywhere from 2 dollars per square foot to 5 dollars.  The underlayment can add as much as 75 cents per square foot to the total cost, but that will once again vary greatly.  Since most DIY folks can install it on their own, the actual finished cost can be pretty cheap, especially when it’s compared to any other type of flooring that needs professional installation.

Popular Styles and Wood Species

You are not just limited to the look of hardwood with extra wide laminate flooring, although that is certainly the most popular of all the options.  The list below provides just some of the looks and styles you can expect to find.

Teak:  It has a very unique look and grain design that provides a great contrast of colors.  It is a very popular style for extra wide planks on floating floors.

Heart Pine:  You can get the look of heart pine as you complete your remodeling project.  This one is very popular and the bright, yellowed look is visually appealing in most settings.

Oak:  It’s is one of the most popular hardwoods, and it looks very nice on tongue and groove floor boards.  Since most are thick, they resist scratching and gauging, provide an attractive design that fits most personal preferences.

Maple:  Birdseye Maple is very expensive, but you can get a cheap alternative that will provide a very similar look.  Some even have the yellowed appearance that comes with age in maple wood.

Bamboo:  There are tons of different exotic options you can consider.  Bamboo flooring has a very unique look that many home interior designers love.

Cork:  This is gaining popularity and will likely continue to do so for some time.  Cork flooring looks different than most and provides a very unique look that some people like and others do not.

Exotic Species:  Just about any species of wood can be purchased as a laminate.  If you see a hardwood species you really like, you will be able to find a laminate equivalent.

Ceramic:  Many are made to look like ceramic and some can actually fool you at first glance.  This isn’t nearly as popular as hardwood, but it is gaining popularity these days.

Natural Stone:  Just about any kind of stone you can imagine that is used for flooring can be made into a laminate.  Just look around and see what is out there that will fit your home and suit your personal taste.  There are many different types of extra wide plank laminate flooring options for your home or office.