Have you ever put on a pair of shoes and noticed that they were a bit tight on your feet, even though the length size was correct? There is a great chance that this could be because you have wide feet. It is important to note that this is absolutely normal, and that there is no problem with having wide feet; the only essential difference is that you may have to wear a pair of extra wide shoes to remain comfortable. Many people avoid wearing the type of shoes that will fit their wide feet properly because they are simply embarrassed; however, doing this is both detrimental to your feet, and the shoes that you are wearing. Look for the following qualities in the next pair of extra wide shoes that you are going to purchase, and you will surely be amazed at how well they fit you, and how well they perform.

Extra Wide Shoes Should Be Labelled With An EE Or 2E

Some horrible representatives will try to tell you that a regular width pair of shoes will fit your wide feet because they are made from flexible material that is stronger than usual; it is important to be aware that wide feet deserve the type of shoes that are intended to house those type of feet. The truth of the matter is that extra wide shoes must be labelled with an EE or 2E to accompany wide feet. Be weary of their sales pitches, and you will surely get a pair of shoes that will leave you in awe.

Extra Wide Shoes Will Cost You A Bit More Money

A general rule of product-cost ratio is that the price increases as the amount and/or quality of the material increases. Extra wide shoes use more material to be produced than regular width shoes, and they use stronger material to accommodate the wider feet. This generally translates to their price being slightly higher than the regular width shoe equivalent. However, do not become a victim of a sales pitch of somebody trying to overcharge you; you must be aware that this price increase is usually only around 10%.

Having Longer Feet Will Not Allow People To Notice That You Are Wearing Extra Wide Shoes

It is a known fact that you cannot control the length of your feet; you were created with feet of that size, and you must accept it for just that. However, the battle of visual appeal is not as difficult for those individuals that were blessed with longer feet. Having a longer foot will not allow people to notice that you are wearing extra wide shoes. This is mainly because a wider shoe will seem more proportioned to a foot that is 12 inches long than one that is 8 inches long.

Choose Extra Wide Shoes By Puma And New Balance

When on the hunt for wide shoes, you will definitely find many niche brand names that will only offer these types of shoes; although they will offer models that are specifically and solely geared towards those feet, they will not have the brand reputability and positive feedback that many of the most popular brands do. Puma and New Balance offer a great selection of extra wide shoes that will surely appeal to you; choose one of their models, and you will surely be ecstatic about their amazing quality, and brand backed warranty offers.

Extra Wide Shoes Should Be Cushioned On The Outside

Regular width shoes are created with the cushioning system being focused towards the middle of the soles of the shoes; however, extra wide shoes should be created with more of the cushioning emphasis being placed towards the outside portion of the soles. This is mainly because of the make-up of wide feet and how the majority of the pressure is placed toward the outside walls of the soles. The cushioning should accommodate for this essential difference.

Purchasing a pair of extra wide shoes could be a daunting task and nightmare for some individuals. Many people live with the fear of other people noticing the fact that their shoes are wider than the average pair, and hate the idea of everybody noticing. However, there are ways to ensure that you get a great pair of extra wide shoes without anybody noticing so. Some of these factors are controllable, and others cannot be controlled at all. This is why it is important to utilize these tips and tricks effectively before going to purchase a pair of extra wide shoes; they will allow you to purchase a reliable pair of great shoes that nobody will recognize as being wider than usual. Use this information to effectively overcome your fear, and ultimately wear the proper pair of shoes for your type of foot. Purchasing a great pair is both vital to your feet, as well as your well being.