virgin coconut oil

Extra virgin coconut oil for weight loss is an alternative and effective way to lose weight. Extra virgin coconut oil is proclaimed as the healthiest oil in the world. It's become popular in the Mediterranean diet. Virgin coconut is quite high in saturated fats, but can assist in weight loss. Medical experts are quickly learning that not all saturated fats are bad for our heath. Once viewed as a "health killer" extra virgin coconut oil is largely made up of a very rare saturated fat called lauric acid.

That fats made up in virgin coconut oil are 66% of medium-chain fatty acids. Extra virgin coconut oil can be made up of 75% of lauric acid. Ironically the fats are the benefits of extra virgin coconut oil for weight loss. A smaller percent of a monounsaturated fat called oleic, and a polyunsaturated fat called linoleic provide what is known as the "good fats" in coconut oil, can assist in weight loss and improved health.

Extra virgin coconut oil for weight loss is just one of many health benefits of coconut oil. Extra virgin coconut oil has been linked to improving cardiovascular health, boosting the immune system, protecting the skin and hair, and has been known to help in the aide of fighting cancer. These are just a few of the many coconut oil health benefits. It's an oil extracted from coconut palms. Coconuts are largely harvest in countries like Philippines, Indonesia, India, and Mexico. Harvesting coconut palms grow in dry and warm climates.

How extra virgin coconut for weight loss works

The rare saturated fat known as lauric acid and the medium chain triglycerides have shown in studies to be more effective in digestion than other fats. How extra virgin coconut oil for weight loss works is by speeding the metabolism up in the body, and providing more energy to burn. Hydrogenated and cholesterol is not included in extra virgin coconut oil. There's a clear different between virgin coconut oil (unrefined) and hydrogenated coconut oil (refined).

Extra virgin coconut oil for weight loss does work, but you should still include in better eating habits, and exercise to combat the beat of weight loss. Eating less fat does not contribute to weight loss. Fats are important in our diet, and not fats all are seen as bad for our health. Medium chain fatty acids contain lower amounts of calories than saturated and unsaturated fats.

Extra virgin coconut oil for weight loss has helped some lose up to 5 pounds a week. Virgin coconut oil might help repress appetite, and increase the body's quench for thirst. It's recommended to drink a lot of water when taking virgin coconut oil for best results for weight loss. For weight loss, you should take between 2-3 tablespoons a day.

Why use extra virgin coconut for weight loss instead of coconut oil?

Using extra virgin coconut for weight loss is effective, but hydrogenated coconut oil is not. Hydrogenated coconut oil goes under a chemical process change. The monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats are converted into trans fats. The fats that lead to weight gain and high cholesterol that had medical experts turn off originally by coconut oil. Virgin coconut is unrefined coconut oil, organic, and doesn't goes under any chemical changes.

Virgin coconut oil is used directly from cracked coconuts. No trans fats, cholesterol, or hydrogenated is added to virgin coconut oil. Despite saturated fats being bad for cholesterol level, triglycerides, and cardiovascular system, the lauric fat saturated fat is not found in your typical bad saturated fats. The lauric acid is not bad for cardiovascular health. Hydrogenated coconut oils raise cholesterol levels and increase the chance of coronary disease.

Where to buy extra virgin coconut oil for weight loss

Your local health stores should carry extra virgin coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil is also available in capsules. If you can't find virgin coconut oil at your local grocery store, or health stores, then you can purchase virgin coconut oil online. You can buy virgin coconut oil at places like evitamins, amazon, or vitaminlife. I'd be careful buying virgin coconut oil from any manufacturer's site.

Other uses for virgin coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil for weight loss is just one of the many benefits. You'll find that virgin coconut oil will improve your health in numerous of different ways. Virgin coconut oil makes for popular use for hair and skin lotions.

  • Prevents Heart disease
  • Boost immune system
  • Prevents liver disease
  • Prevent kidney disease
  • Prevent and controls diabetes
  • Promotes bone strength
  • Prevents cancer
  • Heals skin conditions and infections (contains anti-bacteria, anti-viral, anti-fungi, and antimicrobial properties)
  • Prevents osteoporosis
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties