We may never be able to have superpowers, like our heroes from movies and cartoons, but there are people out there with great abilities that could consider themselves superheroes.

Hearing ability: This ability can also be called absolute pitch. The reason is that people who have “absolute pitch” are able to name (?) and reproduce any sound even if they don't know what exactly the sound is or they do not have any reference for that sound. These people are able to name the pitch of any noise, like such as the sound of sirens, or even name a note or the tonic key of a song. Scientists have yet to discover if absolute pitch is something genetic or something that you can learn. Absolute pitch is common among people who are blind from birth, people with William's Syndrome and autistic people. It's estimated that 3% of the general population are able of absolute pitch.

Echolocation: This ability is not new to humans but it took some time for scientists and other people to realize that we can find anything through sound. This ability is mostly used by animals and especially predatory ones to find their victims. Humans also use this ability to move. You have certainly seen blind people walk with a stick and/or wear hard sole shoes; if you have ever wondered why, this is the reason. Blind people acquire the echolocation ability by tapping their stick or shoes to the ground and they ''see'' if there are any objects in front of them. Through this ability, they can also /become conscious of the object's size and kind. People with normal eyesight less commonly master this ability because they don't really need it as a primary source of identification, since they can rely on their eyes to see, but with great practice and a lot of time, they can learn it.

Eidetic memory: This is an extremely rare ability. It can also be called “photographic memory”. There are not many cases of people who actually have this ability but still, they exist. This ability allows people to remember exactly what they saw just by looking at it. A notable example is Mr Akira Haraguchi, who tried to write the 100,000 decimal places of pi, and the artist Stephen Wiltshire who drew the entire New York city from above, after he spent 20 minutes in a helicopter gazing at the city. There are many famous people who believed (that) they had eidetic memory but there is no scientific evidence that they actually possessed this ability, One of them was the famous physicist Nikola Tesla.

Extreme cold resistance: I am aware of only one person who could resist extreme cold conditions and that is Wim Hof, also known as “ice man”. This man has set many records that revolve around extreme cold conditions , like staying immersed in ice for 1 hour, 13 minutes and 48 seconds. In 2009, Hof completed a full marathon (42.195 kilometers (26.219 mi), in Finland, in temperatures close to −20 °C (−4 °F) dressed in nothing but shorts and he still managed to finish in 5 hours and 25 minutes. Hof has stated many times that the reason he is able to withstand such low temperatures is because he is using the “tummo technique”. This technique is actually used by monks in Tibet and in the Himalayas. With practice one can learn how to control their body temperature. Hof has said many times that if people try this technique, it will change their lives and that with time and dedication, one can master it.

Seeing Underwater: For centuries the semi-nomadic Moken people have lived as hunter-gatherers, dwelling on boats or stilted dwellings along the coasts of Myanmar and Thailand. They are extremely good at diving and they do not use underwater breathing tubes, goggles, flippers or other modern equipment but are keen on maintaining the most primitive ways of diving. Their secret is in their eyes. They can see clearly in the water like they see on dry land. It may not sound like much, but this ability is only found on Moken gypsies, , about 7000 people, thus making it incredibly rare and extraordinary. These people are able to manipulate their pupil to adjust it to the lighting in the water , something like a camera does with its aperture. Moken people can also hold their breath for 5-7 minutes and can dive 60-70 meters with ease.