Convert Your Camper to a Cottage

Extras for Your Camper

Camper CottageCredit: Pwarlick

  Do you own your own camper and lot? If so, why not add on some extras and make your camper into a cottage. This is the neatest little trick that I have ever seen. If you do this correctly you can set yourself up to live practically free other than the utilities, and personal items like gas and food. This is such an inexpensive way to live without sacrificing on style and there are whole entire gated communities dedicated to just this lifestyle. Once you have paid everything off, all you will owe is yearly dues. We like to call this type of lifestyle hut living.

If you own your on land, then the sky is the limit, however, in gated communities there are certain rules that you have to go by and a many permits are required before you can place a camper or build a cottage. If you buy the materials and start from the ground up, you can have a cool place for your camper-cottage out near the lake for much less than conventional living. Then, over time you can add the extras to your camper and turn it into a cottage. This is really a great idea for those just starting out, but that is a whole different article.

First, get some land. You can buy one or more lots if you want a bigger area. This might be a good idea if you have more than one camper that you want to place on it. It also helps to have a bigger lot if you own a boat and other water recreational vehicles. Anyway, you need a land before you can do anything else. You can buy it cleared, or get it cheaper if you clear it yourself. Lots usually cost around $3,000, but I have seen some out here go for $1,200 and that is a 60 x 100 which is pretty decent. Clear the land yourself, or pay someone else and have it cleared, then set your camper on it. You can get a camper for as little as $1,000 if you look around. Many times people will get there finances in a bind and sell their campers and land for really cheap before they will let their home go into foreclosure. We have one that is 38 feet with a slide on it that we paid less than $3,000 for and everything on it works great. It looks new too! We have another one that is 30 feet and we only paid $900. It is in great condition as well. We are adding our extras over time so that everything will always be paid for, and we will not have any debt. I am giving you these figures to show you that this is very easy to do without going having to finance anything. Just take baby steps and do a little as you can afford it.

Now that you have completed the first part, it is time for the conversion. Here we can go 14 foot out and the length of our camper and build a deck or enclosed room for our cottage. We are going for the deck first, the roof over comes later. Right now we are in the process of building our shed. Getting back to the point, you build out from the camper the entire length of the camper, and then you roof over both the camper and new deck. After that is done, you enclose the front of it and it looks like a cottage. If you click on the picture you can see that the camper is in the back, but you think that it is a cottage. You can make this small, or as elaborate as you want. I have seen people that take the door off of their campers and you just walk right through, or they take out the slide, and the cottage and camper are built together. Where we live, you are suppose to be able to move your camper within 48 hours if there is a need to which I don’t know what that would be, however, it is in the rule books.

After we complete our remodel from camper to cottage, we want to purchase the lot next door and put an outdoor kitchen on it, a gazebo, and an office where I can dedicate my time to writing. Having a camping lot and camper is a wonderful thing. By adding extras to it like an enclosure, and making it into a cottage is a cool and inexpensive way to have a nice home at the lake. If you are wanting lake front property, then you’re going to get into some money. If you don’t get something right on the water, you can save lots of money and buy yourself a golf cart or a Gem.

This is also a great idea for those people that own their own home and land and just want to make a nice cottage for their children in college, or for company to stay in while they visit. To this date, I have not found out what this type of extra add-on is called, but it is not exactly an RV port, so if someone has coined a name for this type of structure please drop me a line and let me know.