Whether times are tight or not, everyone enjoys getting the best possible discounts on their purchases. Did you know there are a number of online couponing havens that offer free printable food coupons, kraft coupons, pizza coupons and even printable grocery coupons? Rather than have to search for them all yourself, I've compiled the best places to find free online coupons and coupon codes right here, so you can get right into saving money on your next shopping trip.

Free Printable Coupons Online

Coupons.com is one of the first places that savings-hungry shoppers will start their quest for deep discounts. There are a number of pros and cons to using coupons.com. On the plus side, you will be able to find updated and relevant coupons by simply entering your zipcode when you first hit the site.

On the other hand, you'll want to ensure beforehand that the grocery store or retailer whose discounts you're searching for will actually accept internet based printable coupons.

online printable grocery food and kraft coupons plus restaurant coupons

There's no reason to waste all that time gathering free printable coupons just to learn that your local supermarket won't take them! Coupons.com has a clean colorful layout and is pretty easy to navigate. You can see the main best deals on the homepage, or specify your location via zipcode to get more localized printable grocery coupons and restaurant coupons.

In fact, when you click "local coupons" on the homepage of coupons.com, the site will auto-pull your zipcode information to bring up special discounts in your area. If you click the local dining option that comes up on the sidebar, you'll be re-directed to restaurant.com which (in apparent partnership with coupons.com) will sell you gift cards to certain nearby restaurants at deep discounts.

For example, you'll see a pub or pizza place in your town alongside the gift cards they are offering: you may be able to buy a $25 gift card for $10 online. The point being that you'll be able to get more value in printable restaurant coupons than you normally would just buying the gift card for full price.

Free Food Coupons

Another great option for timely and constantly updated printable grocery coupons is CouponCabin.com. This site boasts constant updates. Its staff posts up the latest in free printable coupons three times per day. If you'd like even more access to the best food and grocery discounts online, then you can subscribe to their savings newsletter, which will notify you of the best deals each and every Monday.

CouponCabin doesn't only deal in printable grocery codes, however. It will also offer you great specials on well known brands such as Eddie Bauer. You can find coupon codes to enter during check-out on other sites that will grant you free shipping or siginifcantly reduced delivery costs, for example.

Pizza Coupons and Kraft Coupons

If you're looking for specific brand name discounts, you should check out CouponMom.com, another major discount code conglomerate site. Although couponmom.com receives some criticism for being more difficult to navigate than other extreme couponing sites, it does offer an impressive breadth of grocery coupons, printable restaurant coupons and pizza coupons.

extreme couponing - free online printable grocery coupons for food

Although many of these conglomerate couponing sites will offer the standard deal on restaurant gift cards (such as the aforementioned $25 gift card sold for only $10 online), couponmom has also been known to proffer discount codes that will reduce the price even more, to as low as $6 for the same $25 gift card. This obviously adds up to big savings on dining out pretty quickly.

Couponmom is handy because you can find major brand names, meaning that you can easily find specials on General mills, Kraft Foods, and Proctor & Gamble. This is an excellent feature that will greatly assist anyone with at least one picky eater in their home!

Additionally, couponmom.com also offers a comprehensive e-mail newsletter that will keep you updated with the latest and greatest grocery deals in your area.

The Hot or Not of Couponing Websites: Retailmenot.com

Retailmenot has received something of a cult following in the world of extreme online couponing. This site features significantly more coupon codes than the other discount websites discussed above. Coupon codes, as opposed to printable grocery coupons for example, only require that you enter them during online checkout.

Generally speaking, coupon codes offer deeper and more exciting discounts and special offers, but have a much shorter shelf life than your average free coupon you can print out and bring to a store. For this reason, retailmenot includes a community rating system, by which users can give feedback on specific codes and vote up codes that work, while voting down codes that seem to be expired or buggy.

retailmenot for free online coupon codes and discount food coupons

This is particularly helpful for people struggling to find special discounts for obscure (from a couponing perspective!) online services, such as the Xbox live marketplace, amazon.com or gameshark. A coupon or discount code that most users have had success with will show a green badge next to it along with the percentage of folks that have found the code to be working properly.

If you have your sights set on something outside of the grocery store or local market, you can probably find great food, gaming and service coupon codes on retailmenot.com!

As a small added bonus, you can "clip" coupon codes out by clicking on the scissors icon attached to each special deal code posted on retailmenot.com. Doing so will not only copy to the code to your computer (as if you had control-C'd it) but also open the site currently accepting the passphrase. This little creature comfort makes it significantly more convenient to use codes online to lower your total purchase or service bill.

Random Micro Blogs for Extreme Coupon Discounts

The final major category in the world of extreme couponing is populated by strange micro blogs on which affiliates published their special discount codes for services such as godaddy.com and other online companies.

You will usually stumble upon these blogs when you are searching for specific coupons to a given service, and oftentimes these discount passphrases do indeed work. The best way to find out whether or not they're still live is to plunk them into the field for discount codes during checkout on the site you're buying from.

Once you do, you'll either see a discount applied to your total order or not. If it doesn't take, you can try clicking any present "update" button, but if that fails, too, it's time to move on again in search of another discount phrase. Don't worry, though. The worst that can happen is that the site you're shopping on won't recognize the code.