The Five BEST Extreme Workouts to Build Muscle in Men and Women

This article, Extreme Fitness Workout Routines to Build Muscle in Men and Women is focused on providing you 5 excellent work outs that are known to build muscle and make you into the healthy person you want to be. While some of these extreme workouts may be fairly obvious, the realization that they promote extreme fitness will come with time after you commit yourself to specific exercise routines featuring these workouts. The goal of extreme fitness workout routines is to build muscle, so as a result these are not necessarily the best things to consider if you are just getting into exercising and in need of losing a lot of weight. Still, for many people, this will undoubtedly be a great resource for you; and paired with a good diet, supplements, exercise books and DVDS (like the very popular P90X extreme exercise series); you will have no problem getting the body and mind you truly desire. That ultimate goal is what makes "extreme fitness" so extreme: you can change your entire life.



1. Bench Presses

When it comes to extreme fitness workout routines, bench presses are massively important; albeit a cliche workout for you to engage in. It is one of those workouts that will make you "feel the burn" and build a lot of upper body strength and muscle. Bench presses can be used by people of all fitness levels, whether you are just getting into working out and wanting to lift to help burn some calories and get some more muscle mass on your body; or if you are intent on becoming a master bodybuilder. One aspect of doing bench presses that I find so important is the ability for you to actively see your skills increase from week to week as you train. For example, an individual may start off bench pressing around 25 pounds; and within a few months work themselves up to 50 pounds. You can actively see yourself improve, and likely with this improvement see improvements to your health, self-esteem, and bodies appearance. While bench presses may be one of the most obvious exercises for a person to get into, they are one of the most important ones as well. I highly recommend having someone else around to train with you while doing these, as too many mistakes have taken place throughout the years with people trying to lift too much weight and hurting themselves.

2. Hanging Leg Raise

The focus of leg raises are very simple: the abdominal muscles and hips. If you are just getting into work outs meant to build muscle, then you may want to consider trying these from a sitting/reclined position; as that will undoubtedly be the simplest form of this exercise (but still, very effective in the early stages). A hanging leg raise takes this simple concept (of raising your legs) and turns it into an extreme fitness workout. Essentially, think of yourself as doing a pull up; but instead of pulling your body up (and working out your upper body muscles), you are staying relatively stationary and just lifting your legs up. One aspect of this exercise that should be pointed out is the focus on holding your legs up for a relatively long period of time, and doing them in repetitions as well. For example, consider doing 10 repetitions, with holds for 5 seconds each to begin with. I personally find this to be a fun exercise, and the focus on the abs and hips is great as well!

Hanging Leg Raise - Extreme Fitness Workouts for Men

3. Squats

Squats are a lower body exercise that focus on a variety of regions, including the hamstrings, thighs, hips, and buttocks. Additionally, this exercise is known to strengthen the bones, ligaments, and tendons in these lower body regions as well; making this a great exercise for lower body improvement. Squats are typically done with a barbell, though I would suggest that individuals who are just getting into extreme fitness to consider spending a day or two just adapting to the position (without a barbell); or at most lift a small amount of weight (10 pounds of so). When it comes to health and fitness, one will not get anywhere by overdoing their exercise routine. This can lead to damaging results, and perhaps even dehibilitating injury. Pictured below is what a squat looks like, like most exercises this one is also focused on repetition and holds as well. Use caution and enjoy!

4. Standing Barbell Curls

Barbell curls come in a variety of types, though the most common one is the standing biceps curl. Biceps curls focus on (you guessed it) the bicep muscle, though it also works out the triceps to a smaller degree. Barbell curls are one of the easiest exercises to commit to, as they can be done from relatively sedentary positions while only focusing on movement in the arms. If done correctly, they can help produce muscle size, definition, strength, endurance, and power. Ever wonder how some individuals are able to carry a lot of weight, while you cannot? It is heavily dependent on this exercise, and working out the bicep muscles. Like most extreme fitness workout routines, you should try to focus your mental energy on repetitions, exercise duration, and weening yourself onto new weight amounts. Of course, to do this exercise you will need a barbell set. I personally recommend the Cap Barbell 40-Pound Dumbbell Set.

Standing Barbell Curls - Extreme Fitness Workouts for Men

5. Seated Calf Raises

Calf raises are a relatively basic exercise that can be performed by people of all fitness skill levels. The seated calf raise places you in a sitting position, and the goal is to exercise the calf muscles in your leg. Typically, weight of some sort if places over your calfs (often done with a workout machine of some sort); and your goal is to raise your legs against the weight (the "resistance"). A very simple exercise for tighting up your calves.

These are some basic ideas for getting into extreme fitness workout routines. If your goal is to build muscle and trim the fat from your body, then these are essential workouts that can ultimately change your life in so many ways. Be sure to check out some other health and exercise related articles here on InfoBarrel as well including 7 Bestselling E-Books in Health and Exercise Worth Checking Out. Remember, knowledge is power! If you know what you have to do before jumping into the gym and exercising, being motivated and achieving your goals will be so much easier.