Halloween is right around the corner, and it is that time to start deciding what to be for Halloween. You can find some cheap Halloween masks online going for good prices. Extreme Halloween is a website that sells Halloween masks for reasonable prices, but also carries a large selection of Halloween masks to choose from. It's best to shop as early as possible to get the cheapest deals on the most popular scary Halloween masks. Halloween masks can be expensive, but prices can go up once Halloween is around the corner. Extreme Halloween masks are made from latex. They have a large selection of scary Halloween masks online to buy off their site. You can also buy the same Halloween masks off other online stores.

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Cheap Scary Halloween Horror Movie Masks

There is nothing like being a scary character from your favorite horror movie. Extreme Halloween has a collection of scary masks from nearly every scary movie character that you can think of. If you're old school and you're a fan of Michael Myers you'll find realistic Michael Myers' masks on their website. Michael Myers Extreme Halloween masks aren't cheap, but they're not really cheap anywhere else. The deluxe mask costs nearly $70 dollars, but "the mask" is cheaper for just $40 dollars. The super Freddy Kruger mask is on sale for $40 dollars at costumsupercenter.com. You'll save $10 dollars. Extreme Halloween also sells the scary Freddy deluxe mask for just $44. The Freddy 3/4 vinyl Halloween mask is going for cheap prices at amazon, for just $20 dollars.

The most recent scary Halloween movie character is that creepy Sam Burlap from the movie Trick 'r Treat. It's one of the more popular Extreme Halloween masks selling for a pretty cheap price on their website. The demon mask is available also. The demon mask is sold for a cheap price under $30 dollars online at wicked liquid, costumeshop.us.com, fun to collect, and Halloween store. The vinyl burlap Halloween mask can be bought online at anniescostumes.com, costumers network and costumer network. They're going for the cheapest at costumer network and Halloween store for under $35 dollars.

Extreme Halloween has Texas Chain Saw masks of the infamous leatherface that liked to chop people into tiny pieces with his chain saw. Which is personally my favorite and scariest horror flick. Leatherface the beginners mask and the original leather face mask from the original 1974 movie are available. You can also find the original leather face mask online at buy.com, and opentip.com for around $40 dollars. You can buy the leatherface beginners mask for a cheap price at Extreme Halloween for sale. Prices are just $40 dollars with a 10 dollar discount.

Extreme Halloween masks going for sale are the super deluxe Freddy Kruger, Mr. Hyde with top hat, and the beginners leatherface mask. However, the cheapest Extreme Halloween masks for scary movie characters is the smiley ghost face and the restrain mask from Anthony Hopkin's scary Hannibal character. Prices are about $10 dollars. The bleeding scream masks are going for just $20 dollars at Extreme Halloween. The Saw Halloween masks are also available. The puppet latex mask, the pig latex mask, and the Jigsaw mask with thin hair. The thinner hair Jigsaw mask is the cheapest. It's just $24 dollars at Extreme Halloween.

Cheap Halloween Skeleton Masks

Being a skeleton is pretty creepy and there are some scary Halloween skeleton masks going for sale online at Extreme Halloween. The hooded reaper mask is on sale for just $10 dollars with the black hood included. It's much cheaper than the hooded skull that is going for $60 dollars. That might be a little too high for parents. The Jolly Roger with a scarf and a eye patch is on sale for just $40 dollars. If you want to be a dead scary pirate, then this is a good Halloween mask to choose. The scariest looking Halloween skeleton mask off of Extreme Halloween's website is the glowing blood skull mask. It is going for a pretty cheap price at just $30 dollars. Amazon is selling the same mask for just $24 dollars. The open mouth skull mask is going for real cheap for just $16.95 at Extreme Halloween.

Cheap Scary Halloween Masks

If you're just looking for some flat out scary Halloween masks, then there are plenty to choose from. There are a lot of scary Extreme Halloween masks on sale. The voodoo mask and and devil may care mask are on sale. The voodoo mask is going for just $29.95 and the devil may care mask for just $40 dollars. Other scary Halloween masks that are on sale is the gothic bloodlines with a beard and the undertaken with a top hat and hair. The gothic bloodlines mask is on sale for just $29.95 and the undertaken mask is going for $59.95, 20 dollars lower than retail price. The crypt skull latex mask is going for a cheap $32.95 and for around $30 dollars at bonanzle, ebay, and ecarter. If you're looking for cheaper masks, then the evil genies mask is just $19.95. You find a really scary and cheap ghoul mask at amazon for just $14.50.