Do you appreciate the finer things in life?

How do you effectively celebrate the fact that your are a success in life -- in business, in networking, in entrepreneurship, in investing, in creativity, or with your skills and your ceaseless dedication to hard work? How do you work hard and then play hard! Simple, a yacht charter or rental by the week, weekend, or by the day is a great way to celebrate the fact that you appreciate the finer things in life. It doesn’t mean you won’t own a yacht as well, but very often a charter is a great way to learn more about which type of vessel you might want, or to accomodate your needs in a different part of the world while traveling.There’s really nothing quite like a beautiful day on the ocean, whether it’s Florida, Greece, or California. Imagine the sunset, your own chartered sailing or motor yacht, or catamaran and you have the image... A yacht rental in NYC for a wedding - a private charter in Los Angeles for an exclusive party -- anything you can imagine is available from cozy to ultimate! 


Yacht-Charter-Rental-Sailing-Boats-CatamaranDo you like fun, casual, or adventure sailing? A great way to relax and enjoy a wonderful time at sea is to own a yacht or custom sailboat. There are so many amazing ports up and down the east and west coasts of the US, and thousands of great locations around the world that make yacht ownership really fulfilling. It’s also an amazing way to let those around you know that you have arrived -- that you are a great business person, a pioneer in your field, a star athlete or talented celebrity, or a torch-bearer for one of the country’s or world’s most prestigious families. It’s comfortable, it’s unique, and private, and of course the cabin areas of these vessels rival the accomodations of many of the world’s 5 star hotels!


But imagine if your career and your travel, your relationships and other obligations make it unwise to purchase a yacht... what can you do? A week-long yacht charter or rental is the perfect solution! You can take advantage of the great weather where and when it fits your schedule and meet your needs, but not have to concern yourself with the year-round hassles of storage, cleaning, maintainance, getting competitive yacht insurance quotes, and hiring crew. A yacht charter for a sailing or motored boat, or a catamaran is the solution you need. Make a bold statement this summer without the hassle of winter marina storage and pier services.


What do you do if you have ordered a custom monohull yacht from one of the world’s most talented ship-builders but it’s time for well-earned relaxation? Do you cancel your plans, and await delivery - or worse -- rush the master craftsmen in their delivery of your new schooner, only to risk not getting superior results? Why don’t you just you relax knowing that your custom yacht or catamaran is being fashioned for you - to your exact specifications - right on schedule. Without waiting you can still enjoy the ocean, and have some relaxing fun in the sun. Weekly motor or sailing yacht charters can be the best solution for you and your loved ones!


Yacht rentals are often also available with a training component so that you -- the future captain of your own vessel - can learn what you need to know in case you want to leave port without your crew. If you already have your “sea legs” on smaller boats, these training charters are a great refresher as you graduate to a larger, luxury vessel. Why not prepare for yacht ownership with some yacht rentals and charters in various spots around the globe, with a variety of different boats. Each time you travel you can take advantage of the locale to find some time at sea and witness those aspects of scenery that are best experience from off the coast. Much like flying in your own private jet -- yachts are a great way to really see the beauty around us, and in places that many others don’t have access to.


A yacht charter also makes a great location for a small party, a private wedding, or other exclusive event. It creates a memorable occasion without the hassle of extra planning. Imagine the excitement when you tell your senior executives that their next meeting is scheduled for a weekend or weeklong yacht charter off the coast of some wonderful locale. What a great way to celebrate hitting your annual revenue or sales targets! Imagine a crewed vacation -- perhaps even hiring more than one in tandem to accomodate large groups -- your special event with your own fleet!


Luxury rentals vary greatly in price depending on location, time of year, size of boat, crew size, and more. It’s helpful to make reservations as early as you can because peak seasons in choice locations are often backlogged with requests. Expect to pay about $5 to $8K per week for smaller vessels -- and up to $38-45K USD per week for a yacht of 96 to 114 feet in length that accomodates a maximum of eight (8) guests, with a crew of four (4). Weekend training charters for new yacht owners start at about $5-6K USD depending on location and time of year. Expect food, beverages, airport pick-up and other amenities to be extra.


Whether it’s Newport, Rhode Island, the Florida Keys, San Francisco, Marina del Ray, Seattle’s Puget Sound, Miami, NYC, the Bahamas, or anywhere in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, a luxury day, weekend, or week-long yacht charter or rental is always available. Forget the highways or the busy airports, often the best way to arrive at a new city is to come into port with your yacht or yacht charter. Newport Beach here you come. And because these yacht charter professionals understand the finest in service and luxury, they will of course have all the necessary concierge offerings as well.