1) After thinking of several kinds of reality show, our group finally decided to watch the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition TV Episodes - E10 S7 the Scott Family. We should say that this episode is really a perfect demonstration of teamwork. The Scott family consists of a single mum, Trina and her three daughters, the father was a police and he died during high speed chase. After lost her husband, Trina starts working for Cops, an organization that solely helps police survivors. Trina always helps other people with their problems and sort of neglects herself, but this time, she met her own problem, her house is nearly damaged by the termites. So Trina asked for help. Then the story begins here.

So the goal of this helping team is to build a new house for the Scott family. Since all the group members are very nice and also because they are so moved by what happened to the Scotts, and the altitude they face these things, what they done to other survivors, this is a truly dynamic and motivated team, which makes a high efficiency. The team acts passionately throughout the show, they cry and scream whenever they feel excited. The team is also very considerate, they have done a lot of research on every single family member (what they like and what their hobby are etc.) before they actually start the makeover. Since everyone in this show is corporative, they are operating their work in a purely positive environment.


2) It is not surprising that our team has got similar impression on most of the individual observation question because in this show, there is no negative side and everything went on so well and in order. We all think that the team leader is extremely active and kind, while other team members are also warmhearted, responsible and creative. There was one remarkable we want to add, we consider Trina, the single mum, as a group member because she is the person who is the core of this whole thing, she is the one that brought everybody together.

3) To form our initial impression of this group, we first evaluate the way the group was working together. The most important thing to understand why they worked so well together was knowing their goal. Because of the fact that they had a common goal that was very important to all of them, everyone was more motivated.

Our impression of the members in this group was based on their motivation. In this group you can’t really find large differences in the way that the members of the group behave to each other. This is due to the fact that their goal is not to please themselves, but to please the “Scott Family”.


4) None of us have found any evidence of prejudice, discrimination, or use of stereotypes. In this group. There is not any evidence of one of these things because of two important characteristics of this show.

First of all, this show is not a competition, so there is no use of trying to be better than someone else, because the members of the group won’t gain anything from being better than the other group members.

The other important reason for the team working together so well is that they have a common goal that is important to every member of the group, for their own reasons. The member of this group don’t want to gain something out of the show for themselves, their goal is to help the “Scott Family”. The team wants to give something back to them, because they know that these people have done so much for other people and now they deserve it to get something in return. That is why everyone is willing to work so hard.

5) Due to the fact that the reality show Extreme Homemakeover is in some way an atypical way of a reality show. As already mentioned, the team follows a set goal. That is to increase the living conditions of the Scott family. Since they are not working against a different team, as usually the case in reality series, they do not really have weaknesses.

The only fact which could be considered as a weakness is the fact that the team increases the living conditions of the family, which is obviously in line with their goal, but they do not think about the consequences their actions have. Of course all the expenses for the house are covered by the TV station, but in the long run repairs & maintenance has to be performed in order to keep the house in a proper condition. Maintenance entails spending money, which the family does not have. If the team would have decided to scale down the house, maintenance costs could be and would be considerably lower. Thus the weakness of the team is their rather "over ambitious" execution of their goal.

They do however have some major strengths. Firstly their division of tasks is crucial to their goal. Everyone has a certain task that he or she has to accomplish. For example Paige Hemmis and Michael Molony both have to decorate and design the rooms of the children whereas Tye Pennington is responsible for the "police" emblem on the wall of the police building. Subsequently a further strength is the composition of the team member's jobs. Tye is a handy man and Paige and Michael are both interior designers. Thus they have cleverly managed to combine the most important featurea of building and designing a new home.



a) As outlined above, the group has no major weakness only a problem which could lead to difficulties in the near future for the Scott family. As already mentioned, the team's goal is, although very positive indeed, slightly over ambitious. They have created a house of immense size and fully kitted with several TVs and other appliances. This will eventually lead to a situation where the electricity bill will soar, especially in winter month, thus increasing the monthly expenditures of the Scott's unnecessarily.

b) If we were called to improve the team's performance we would certainly address the problem outlined above. We would advise them, before engaging in the project, to prepare a list of pros & cons and mention these to the family. Thus involving them in the home planning process and giving them the choice to decide how they would like their house to be and especially showing them the long-term effects the house might bring with it (i.e. electricity costs, maintenance etc.)

c) Furthermore we would advise the team to make sure that the decoration of the children's room need to be more conservative yet contemporary. That is, they have to be equipped and designed in such a way that the kids will like them even after a year or two. Since children's tastes and interests change dramatically during their childhood it would be essential to create a lasting environment!

Overall it is safe to say that the Home makeover team is a team that benefits from each other mutually. They follow their ambitious goals with exceptional "follow through" and thus improving the living conditions of the Scotts tremendously!